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Le Petit Coq noir

Vocabulaire dans l'histoire

éblouie dazzled
cochon(ne) pig
brûlant burning
alors then
pansu plump
four (m.) oven
emparer to hold up
puits (m.) well
cracher to spit
coffre (m.) chest/trunk
voler to fly
plein de full of
marmotter to mumble
strident(e) shrill
luisant shining/gleaming
lustré(e)(s) shiny/glossy
masure (f.) hovel
jabot (m.) crop/ruffle
plume (f.) feather
fumier (m.) dung/manure
voix (f.) voice
miette (f.) crumb
ver (m.) worm
grain (m.) seed
alentour around
crête (f.) crest/peak
carré (m.) plot of land
faire un tour to go for a stroll
chou (m.) cabbage
ainsi like that/in this way
picorer to peck
gratter to scratch
coq (m.) rooster
plume (f.) feather
déterrer to unearth
aussitôt immediately
une pièce d’or a gold coin
apercevoir to see/notice/perceive
en colère in anger/angrily
se pencher to lean/tilt
s’emparer de to take hold of
grille (f.) gate
s’égosiller to hoot
sentinelle (f.) guard
taire to silence
luire au soleil to shine in the sun
ventru potbellied
bâillement (m.) yawn
bâiller to yawn
tas (m.) job
Created by: KKelley