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Colonial Influences

Review on Colonial Influences (Traditional)

Thomas Paine wrote "Common Sense"
Magna Carta famous historical document which guaranteed that not even the king or queen was above the law
Cato's Letters collection of newspaper articles published to convince people to support the freedom of expression and to fight the heavy handed rule of the British government
Common Sense pamphlet written to convince American colonists to support becoming independent from England
Magna Carta written by the English nobility in 1215 limiting the power of the king of England and protected the rights of the nobility
English Bill of Rights government document that expanded the powers of the English parliament and expanded the rights of the people, as well as further limited the rights of the king
Mayflower Compact agreement among individuals that created a government that would provide order and protect the rights of the colonists; written by a group of English Pilgrims
constitution the rule book for a country's government
constitution explains what kind of government a country has and how that government functions as well how a country's laws are made
rule of law means laws are fair, enforced, and nobody is above the law
separation of powers dividing powers among several branches of government to make sure no one person or part of government gets too much control
rights of the minority protecting the rights of small or unpopular groups regardless of what the majority beleives
consent of the governed when citizens give their permission to be governed by the country's government and they do this by voting
self-government people can make decisions on how their government should work
due process People have the right to fair and reasonable laws and also officials have to follow rules when enforcing laws and must treat all people in the same way
rights set of things that people believe they should be free to do without restreictions
1215 date Magna Carta was signed
King John signed the Maga Carta along with English nobles
Pilgrims English settlers who signed the Mayflower Compact
Plymouth Rock place where the Pilgrims settled and signed the Mayflower Compact
Parliament English lawmaking body which passed the English Bill of Rights in 1689
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