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Final Exam

Mass Production Turning out large quantities of identical goods
James Hargreaves Invented the Spinning Jenny
Charles Townshed Introduce the idea of crop rotation
Jethro Tull Created the Seed plow
John Kay Developed the flying shuttle
Richard Awkwright Created a machine that can hold 100 spindles
Eli Whitney Developed the Cotton Gin
Thomas Newcomen Created the first steam engine
George Stephenson Developed first steam powered locomotive
Factory System A method of production that brought many workers and machines together into one building
Domestic System Early industrial labor system in which workers produced goods at home
Ideology is a system of ideas that attempts both to explain the world and to change it
Nationalism The Desire for the independence of a country
The great Reform Act/Double Reform Act -Changes how people vote and increased the number of people who could vote
1833: Factory Act - Children under 9yrs could not be employed -Restricted Work weeks to 48hrs for children between 9-13 -Demand 2 hours of daily schooling for children under 13
Coals Mine Act -Prohibited women and boys under 10 from working in the mines
1844: Factory Act -6.5 hours is the maximum workday for children -12 hours is the maximum workday for women
Trade Union Act Stated the having a union could not be declared illegal
Ballot Act Declared that voting was to be done by secret Ballot
Workman's Compensation Act -Employers were made directly responsible for injuries suffered by their workers
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