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Headaches A


TypeAge/SexSiteCharacteristicsProvoked byLab/Test
Common Migraine Childhood & Early Adulthood. Females Generally Unilateral Throbbing, photophobia, phonophobia, worse behind one eye, nausea and/or vomiting, familial, pregnancy Bright light, chocolate, cheese, tension, red wine, menstrual cycle None
Classic Migraine Same as Common Same as Common Same as Common + AURA Same as Common None
Hypertension Adult Occipital & Vertex Throbbing, wake up with headache None Blood pressure, Lipid profile
Cluster (aka Histamine Headache) Adolescent to adults. Males Unilateral. Orbital & Temporal Stabbing, wake up with headache, ptosis, miosis, red eye, tearing, runny nose & nasal congestion Alcohol None
Tension Any age Band-like Pressure, muscle tightness, neck pain Tension, stress, work, fatigue None
Temporal Arteritis (Giant Cell) Over 50 years old Unilateral. Temporal Throbbing, persistent burning, aching, possible loss or change in vision, if you see neck & shoulder pain with stiffness -> change Dx to Polymyalgia Rheumatica Sensitive scalp, tender arteries ESR elevated, Biopsy
Cervicogenic (aka Vertebrogenic) Adult Occipital & Upper Cervical Neck pain referred to head, decreased ROM in upper cervical and occiput, worsened with certain neck movements Head movement Flexion/Extension Views
Sinus Any age Localized & changes with body position Steady throb, local tenderness, worse in the morning, pain worse with bending forward or with lying down, sensitive to temperature changes, nasal discharge, sore throat, possible fever and fatigue Chronic sinusitis None
Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Any age Basilar area Abrupt onset, constant, stiff neck, excruciating pain like never before experienced, usually described as the "worst headache ever", confusion, slurred speech, nausea, vomiting, paralysis, hemiplegia, Hypertension, stress Send to ER, high blood pressure, fever
Subdural Hematoma Any age None Slow bleed following trauma, symptoms evident days-weeks post injury Trauma Send to ER
Brain Tumor Any age Any place & changes with body position Onset morning & evening, mild to severe, throbbing, neck stiffness worse than ever, progressively worse, pain worse in morning, pain wakes up patient at night, personality behavioral changes, visual changes, nausea, vomiting, memory problems Tumor growth None
Meningeal Irritation Any age Stiff neck Photophobia, fever, nuchal rigidity, sever head pain, throbbing, nausea, vomiting, confusion Worse in flexion Kernig/Brudzinski, CSF tap
Hypoglycemic Generalized Skipping meals FBS
Post Concussive Any age Localized general pain Loss of memory, visual disturbances Fall, MVA, whiplash injury, trauma Refer to Neurologist/ER
TMJ/Interarticular Dysfunction Any age TMJ Joint Clicking when opening and closing mouth, dental work for > 2hrs Refer to Dentist
Caffeine Withdrawal Bilateral Pulsating Daily intake of coffee is either stopped or delayed
Eyestrain Bilateral. Frontal Straining of the eyes
Created by: chiro83709