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Chapter 5

The American Promise 5th Edition. Professor: Jones-Reed : Keywords

Partible Inheritance A system of inheritance were land is more or less divided equally among sons
Middle Passage The crossing of the Atlantic by slave ships from west Africa to the Americans
George Whitefield Anglican minister and famous revivalist from England
Enlightenment 18th Century philosophically movement
Pennsylvania Dutch German migrants from the European continent to the middle colonies
Scots-Irish Protestant immigrants from northern Ireland, Scotland and northern England
Deism European enlightenment thinkers
Junipero Serra A catholic Priest
Benjamin Franklin Philadelphia tradesman
Presidios Spanish Forts
Olaudah Equiano African born into 1745 and forced into slavery as a child
Stono Rebellion Slave up-rise in south Carolina in 1739
Task System A system of labor
Created by: sajimenez