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US Constiution

Questions about the US Constitution

How many articles are there in the Constitution? 7
What amendment guarantees one the right to free speech? 1st
In what part of the constitution will you find the purpose for writing it? Preamble
How is the House of Representatives populated? based on population from each state
What is a presidential veto? The right of the president to reject a law
The president is part of what branch of government? executive
A member of the House of Representatives serves a term of how many years? 2
What person is the commander-in-chief of the armed forces? President
After FDR's presidency, amendment 22 was passed which stated what? A president can serve two terms or a maximum of 10 years.
How long is a supreme court justice's term life
What is the term for a court order allowing someone to come onto your property to look for something? (search) warrant
How old must one be to be a member in the House of Representatives? 25
In order for a bill to become a law initially, what percentage of Congress must pass it? A simple majority
What is the term for bringing formal charges of wrongdoing against a federal official called? impeachment
How old must one be in order to become President of the United States? 35
Being tried for the same crime twice is known by what term? double jeopardy
How many senators are there in Congress? 100 (2 from each state)
Who has the right to regulate trade between the states? Congress
Created by: rbland