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U.S. History

Topic 2 "Civil War"

Anaconda Plan Northern Civil War strategy to starve the south by blockading seaports and controlling the Mississippi River
Stonewall Jackson Confederate general known for leading his troops in the Battle of Bull Run where they withstood a major push from the Union army and General Irvin McDowell
Shiloh 1862 Civil War battle fought in southwestern Tennessee resulting in a Union victory and nearly 25,000 deaths.
Ulysses S. Grant Notable Union general and leader of the Radical Republicans. Led Union troops to victory against Robert. E Lee and become the 18th president of the United States.
Robert E. Lee Confederate General and leader who surrendered his troops at the Appomattox Courthouse ending the American Civil War
Contraband Supplies captured by the enemy during wartime.
Antietam 1862 Civil War battle in which 23,000 troops were killed or wounded in one day.
Emancipation Proclamation Decree by President Lincoln that freed enslaved people living in Confederate States still in rebellion.
Militia Act 1862 law that allowed African Americans to serve in the Union military.
54 Massachusetts Regiment Union militia that was one of the first official African American Units in the United States during the Civil War.
Homestead Act 1862 law that gave 160 acres of land to citizens willing to live on and cultivate it for 5 years.
Vicksburg Confederate stronghold on the Mississippi River that surrendered to Union forces in 1863 after a siege.
Gettysburg Civil War battle and Union victory involving the most casualties in the entire war. Also referred to as the biggest turning point in the entire war.
Total War Military strategy in which an army attacks not only enemy troops but the economic and civilian resources that support them.
William T. Sherman Union general that is known for his march through the south forcing the surrender of all the Confederate armies in the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida in 1865.
Thirteenth Amendment 1865 constitutional amendment that abolished slavery
Clara Barton Nurse during the Civil War that went on to found the American branch of the Red Cross organization
Appomattox Court House Site where Confederate general Robert E. Lee surrendered to the Union.
Created by: Mr. Peirce