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WH 7th SCH Test5

Wlson Hall SC hstory test 5 joshua mccoy

pitch and tar made from pine trees made to make ships water tight naval stores
1st advisory group in Carolina Grand Council
woven branches vines twigs used in building house walls wattle
hard wood strip used in barrel making barrel stave
man in charge of an area or territory land grave
leader of a group or tribe cacique
rules by which Carlina was governed Fundamental Constitutions
maker of wooden tubs ad barrels cooper
ditch with water dug for defensive purpose moat
perimeter wall built in logs with top end sharpened palisade
1664 New York/New Jersey
1669 LAC leader of lords proprietors
1669 LAC Fundamental Constitution
1669 Carolina Albemarle Port Royal <- England
1670 Carolina arrived in new world
1670 Charles Town Est.
1671 Sayle died
1672 LP's declared Yeamans Governor
1680 Oyster Point
1681 Pennsylvania
Created by: Wilson Hall