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US History Review

Review over WW1 till present time

President Roosevelt stepped up his support for great Britain by providing them with weapons & equipment only if they promised to pay them after the war through his ____ _____ Act of 1940 Lend lease
Charles Lindbergh became a famous face of the America First Committee, a(n) ______ group that vocalized its opinion about WWII Isolationist
In July 1940, Roosevelt signed the Export Control Act; this allowed Franklin Roosevelt to restrict the sale of: Strategic Materials to Japan
franklin Roosevelt responded to the Pearl harbor assault with the following phrase: "yesterday, December 7, _____--a date which will live in _____-- the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by the naval and air forces of _____" 1941, infamy, japan
The attack on pearl harbor, Hawaii killed just over _____ Americans and injures 1,178 2,403
Pearl Harbor seemed an unlikely target to the Japanese navy because of its: extreme distance from Japan
The "Night of broken glass", or in German called _____, was a night of state-sponsored violence against German property owners & citizens of Jewish ancestry on November 9, 1938 Kristallnacht
A decree that took citizenship away from Jewish Germans is one example of the _____ ______ of September 1935 Nuremberg Laws
The saga of the S.S. St Louis best discriminates how: Other countries failed Germany's Jews
Camps like Auschwitz and Treblinka served the purpose of ______ camps during WWII Extermination
Giant sets of ovens were built at the extermination camps specifically to: Dispose of the bodies of gassed prisoners
One of the world's most famous accounts of a family's struggle to hide from the Nazi's in the Nazi-occupied Netherlands was written in the diary of a teenaged-girl named Anne Frank
Roosevelt supported _______, he idea that trade between nations creates prosperity an helps to prevent war Internationalism
The countries of ___, ___ and ___ formed the axis powers starting in 1936 and more formally in 1940 Germany, Italy and Japan
Adolf Hitler was strongly nationalist in his beliefs and definitely anti- _____ when it came to the Soviet Union Communist
Adolf Hitler wrote a famous book, _____ _____ while serving in prison Mein Kampf
The policy of giving concessions in exchange for peace was called _____. Unfortunately, Britain & France believed that this would satisfy Adolf Hitler Appeasement
The German combined arms approach to warfare came to be known as "Lightning War", or ______ Blitzkrieg
The French thought that their massive line of fortifications on the German Border, the ____ ____, would thwart any German invasion Maginot Line
New piece of warning technology was called _____ Radar
The _____ Act of July 1935 gave unions the right to organize without inference from employers; this paved the way for allowing the organizing of factory elections by the National Labor Relations Board Wagner
Roosevelt's most serious threat was from a fellow democrat and senator from Louisiana named ____ _____ whose followers formed "share your wealth" clubs around the nation Huey Long
an era of confrontation and competition between the US and the Soviet Union that lasted from about 1945 to 1991 is called the _____ _____ Cold war
Eastern European nations had to remain Communist and friendly to the Soviet Union were called _____ ______ Satellite Nations
Located near berlin, Truman and Stalin met to work out a deal on Germany at _____ Potsdom
Issued by Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin (the big three), the _____ __ _____ _____ declared "the right of all people to choose the form of government under which they will live". Declaration of Liberated Europe
The ___ ____ separated the Communist nations of Eastern Europe from the West; The world war II era had come to an end. Iron Curtin
about 20% of American Combat deaths in Vietnam were ______-______ soldiers, a rate that was twice their proportion of the population in the United States African American
Those who believed that the US should stay and fight in Vietnam came to be known as _____ Hawk
the 26th amendment gave all citizens age ___ and older the right to vote in all state and federal elections 18
In 1968, republican candidate ______ _____ promised America "law & order" as well as an end to the Vietnam war. He got elected to president as a result Richard Nixon
Four students were killed and nine others were wounded at ____ _____ University on May 4, 1970 during a protest of Nixon's widening of the Vietnam War Kent State
Nixon's program to cut back the number of American Troops in Vietnam was known as _____ Vietnamization
Created by: missabear97
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