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Constitution Test

for June 17th

What was the name of the U.S. 1st form of government? The Articles of Confederation
Why was America's 1st form of government a failure? Because it gave the states more power than the government.
What was the goal for the Constitutional Convention? To replace the articles of confederation with a new form of government which gave the government more power than the states
What was the New Jersey plan? It was a proposal in the Constitutional Convention which gave smaller states more power.
What was the Virginia plan? It was a proposal in the Constitutional Convention which gave larger states more power.
What was the great compromise? When the larger and smaller states finally reached a compromise= The Constitution. Which had 2 houses; 1 for population and 1 for equality.
What was the 3/5th compromise? People wanted slaves to be counted as population to have more votes, but others thought they were land. People finally agreed for slaves to be counted as 3/5ths of a person.
Who was the main author of the Constitution? James Madison
What is the preamble? It is the first part of the Constitution that explains why they made a new government and what it will include very briefly.
What does the word bicameral mean? 2 houses. Because congress has 2 houses/branches.
What is the primary role of the Legislative Branch? To make laws (the law making branch)
What is the primary role of the Executive Branch? To enforce laws made by Congress; put them into effect.
What is the primary role of the Judicial Branch? To make sure all laws are Constitutional
What is the requirements to be a member of the HOR? To be 25, a u.s. citizen for at least 7 yrs and live in the state they represent.
What is the requirements to be a member of senate? To be 30, a u.s. citizen for 9 years and live in the state they represent.
What is the requirements to be a president? at least 35, a native-born citizen and lived in this country for 14 years.
What are the powers of the president? head of executive branch, he appoints supreme court justices, chief diplomat, commander of military
What are the powers of congress? They meet in Washington to make laws for the country. They can also impeach the President, overrule a President's veto
How long is a House of Representatives term? 2 years
How long is a senators term? 6 years
How long is a presidents term? 4 years
How many supreme court justices are there? 9
How long is a supreme court justices term? appointed for life
What is the main job of the supreme court? to make sure every law/ your rights are constitutional and interpret what the constitution means
Why are supreme court justices terms so long? So they won't have to worry about public opinion or getting reelected when they make decisions.
Who is the chief justice of the supreme court? the 9th judge- John Roberts. he the head of the supreme court
What are the 3 levels of federal court system? district, court of appeals, supreme court
What does the word appeal mean? bringing a higher court to try to change the decision of a lower court
What part of the government has to approve all justices? the senate
what is the judicial review? for the supreme court to rule laws that are unconstitutional
What does the 1st amendment protect? freedom of speech, religions, press, assembly and petition
2nd amendment the right to bear arms- gun laws and military laws
3rd amendment no soldier can stay in your house without your approval
4th amendment secure of your house and no one can search your house without a reason. you also have to get a pass from a judge (warrant) NO SEARCH AND SEIZURE
5th, 6th, and 7th amendments protects your rights in court. having a fair trial, having rights, safe and speedy trials...
8th amendment cruel and unusual punishments
9th amendment listing certain rights in the constitution doesnt mean people dont have other rights (IMPLIED RIGHTS)
10th amendment state laws. rights not in constitution are given to states
what is the bill of rights? first 10 amendments that are in the constitution that everyone must follow.
WHo is the U.S.A. President? President Barack Obama
Who is the U.S.A vice president? Joe Biden
Who represents Massachusetts in the U.S. senate? Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren
WHo represents Wellesley in the HOR? Joseph Kennedy
WHo is the governer of Massachusetts? Deval Patrick
What are the 2 ways to amend the Constitution? 3/4th of states or 2/3 congress
What does it mean to amend the Constitution? To change the Constitution or a new amendment
What are the 3 levels of government in the U.S.? Federal, State and Local
The first amendment protects our freedom of speech unless... it must not urge violent overthrow in the government. and it causes clear danger to public and others
What is another name for our executive departments? cabinent
main job of executive departments advise president
department of defense in charge of manages the armed forces and wars overseas
state department manages relationships with foreign countries
treasury department collects taxes, prints money, deals with nation's finances
department of interior manages and protects the nations public lands
department of homeland security protects against terrorists and other threats
justice department fights crime and runs the federal court system
congress' commerce clause they should have the power to regulate business with foregin countries, states and indian tribes
congress' elastic clause congress has the powers that arent stated in the constitution as long as they are necessary and proper.
federalism a system of government shared by states and national government
what is the president in charge of as the commander in chief he is in charge of the armed forces and he has to make sure they are ready in combat
WHat is the president in charge of as chief diplomat He helps decide how our country will act towards other countries. he picks the people that represent him and our country in other countries. Also nagossicateing treaties
What is the president in charge of as chief economic adviser? he has to try to keep prices from going up and really high. he also has to keep our works busy and working while doing their job. Keeping the economy running smoothly
what is double jeopardy and what amendment protects us from it? 5. people that has been on trial for a crime, and found innocent, cannot be trialed for that crime again.
what does it mean to plead the 5th? Confessing in court. self incrimination. someone doesnt answer a question to make themself look guilty
what is eminent domain? the power of the state to take private property for the use in a public project in return for reasonable compensation
Created by: 19calhounk