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Constitution Q & A's

For the Constitution test on June 17th

What was the name of the United States first form of government? The Articles of Confederation
Why was America's first form of government a failure? The Articles of Confederation gave too much power to the state governments and not enough to the federal government which included the right to tax for and coin money.
What was the goal of the Constitutional Convention? To revise and improve the Articles of Confederation
What was the New Jersey Plan? A plan brought up by New Jersey to have the legislative branch have one chamber and each state have one vote in Congress. This plan favors small states.
What was the Virginian Plan? A plan brought up by Virginia to have the legislative branch have two chambers and have the number of votes in Congress depend on the state's population. This favors large states.
What was the Great Compromise? A compromise made by the framers of the constitution taking ideas from both the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan. Congress would be bicameral, in the Senate, states get 2 votes no matter it's size. In the H.o.R the # of votes depend on population
What was the 3/5 Compromise?
Who was the main author of the Constitution? James Madison
What is the Preamble? It is the introductory paragraph at the beginning of the Constitution. It's job is to introduce the Constitution, explain what it's meant to do, and describe the purpose of the new government.
What does the word "bicameral" mean? Congress is bicameral which means it's split into two chambers: the Senate and the House of Representatives
What is the primary role of the Legislative branch? To make the laws of the land or to create laws for the country
What is the primary role of the Executive branch? To carry out the laws made by Congress
What is the primary role of the Judicial branch? To explain the meaning of the laws made by Congress and decide whether or not those laws follow the rules of the Comstitution or are unconstitutional
What are the requirements to be a member of the House of Representatives? The Represnetative must be at least 25 years old, must have been a U.S citizen for at least 7 years, and must live in the district they represent
What are the requirements to be a Senator? The Senator must be at least 30 years old, must have been a U.S citizen for at least 9 years, and must live in the state they represent
What are the requirements to be President? The President must be at least 35 years old, must be a native-born citizen or born in the U.S, and must have lived in the U.S for at least 14 years
What are the powers of Congress?
How long is a House of Representative's term? They represent a district for a term of 2 years
How long is a Senator's term? They represent a state for a term of 6 years
How long is a President's term? 4 years but can be re-elected for a second term of 4 years
How many Supreme Court Justices are there? 9
How long is a Supreme Court Justice's term? For life or until they retire
What is the main job of the Supreme Court? To interpret the laws made by Congress and see if they follow the Constitution
Why are the Supreme Court Justice's terms so long?
Who is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court? John Roberts
What are the three levels of the federal court system?
What does the word "appeal" mean? To ask a higher court to
What part of government has to approve all Supreme Court Justices? While the President nominates the Justices, the Senate must approve of them for them to begin their term as a Supreme Court Justice
What is Judicial Review? The power of the courts to determine whether the acts of other branches of government are in accordance with, or following the rules of, the Constitution
What does the 1st Amendment protect? The freedom of Religion, of Speech, of the Press, of Assembly, and of Petition
What does the 2nd Amendment protect? The right to bear arms (the right to own guns)
What does the 3rd Amendment protect? To prevent soldiers from quartering in your house
What does the 4th Amendment protect?
The 5th, 6th, and 7th Amendments protect your rights in....
What does the 8th Amendment protect? It protects defendants from cruel or unusual punishments
What does the 9th Amendment claim?
What type of government does the 10th Amendment protect? State governments; the 10th amendment states that
What is the Bill of Rights? The first 10 amendments to the Constitution
What are the powers of the President?
Who is the President of the United States of America? Barack Obama
Who is the Vice President of the United States? Joe Biden
Who represents Massachusetts in the United States Senate? Elizabeth Warren and Edward J. Markey
Who represents Wellesley (4th Congressional District) in the House of Representatives? Joseph P. Kennedy III
Who is the Governor of Massachusetts? Deval Patrick
What are the two ways to amend the Constitution? The proposed amendment must have a 2/3 vote in the House of Representatives as well as in the Senate. After the amendment is passed onto the states after the approval of Congress, 3/4 of the states must ratify the amendment for it to pass.
What does it mean to "amend" the Constitution? To add another amendment to the Constitution
What are the three levels of government in the United States? (hint: our President is the Chief Executive of one of these levels) The Federal government, the State Governments, and the Local governments
The 1st Amendment protects the freedom of speech unless.... That speech is endangering the people around you like threats, or yelling out false information like screaming "fire!" in a movie theatre when there is none
What is another name for the Executive Departments? The Cabinet
What is the main job of the Executive Departments? To execute the laws made by Congress and advise the President
What does the Department of Defense oversee? It oversees the armed forces like the army, navy, and airforce
What does the State Department oversee? It oversees foreign affairs and manages our relationships with other countries
What does the Treasury department oversee? Oversees the collection of taxes, prints money, and deal's with the nation's finances
What does the Department of Interior oversee? Oversees the protection of natural resources and wildlife and protects the nation's public lands
What does the Department of Homeland Security oversee? Oversees the protection of the U.S from terrorist attacks and minimize damage from those attacks as well as from natural disasters
What does the Justice Department oversee? Oversees the enforcement of the U.S government's laws like the police force and runs the federal court system
Explain Congress's commerce clause The clause that says that Congress has the power to manage business between states
Explain Congress's elastic clause The power of Congress
What is federalism?
What is the President in charge of as Commander in Chief? He controls the military
What is the President in charge of as Chief Diplomat? He keeps up relations with other countries
What is the President in charge of as Chief Economic Adviser? Making sure the country's economy runs smoothly
What is double jeopardy and what amendment protects us from it? Being tried for a trial more than once and is protected by the 5th amendment
What does it mean to plead the 5th?
What is eminent domain? The right that the government can take private property that will be used for public use
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