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Chapter 4

The American Promise 5th Edition. Professor: Jones-Reed : Keywords

Edmund Andros Governor of the Dominion of New England 1684
Antinomians Christians saved by faith alone
Arminianism Good work can help an individual gain salvation
William Bradford 1st governor of pilgrims/separatists
Calvinism Christian doctrine, 16 century Swiss Protestant
Dominion of New England Involved Massachusetts and colonies north of Maryland
English Reform Henry the 8th head of church 1534
Halfway Covenant Puritan compromise, halfway church members
Thomas Hooker Prominent minister in Massachusetts Bay Colony
Anne Hutchinson Protestant woman criticized colony leaders
King Philip’s War Wampanoag Indians attack western Massachusetts 1675
Mayflower Compact Provided order, security, and legitimacy in Massachusetts, 1st constitution
William Penn Prominent English Quaker
Predestination God determined salvation and damnation of an individual before birth
Puritan Revolution English civil war between King Charles the 1st and parliament
Quakers Epithet (nickname), members of the Society of Friends
Separatists Pilgrims withdraw the England church
Wampanoag Indians In Massachusetts Bay, rescued pilgrims
Roger Williams Salem, Massachusetts minister 1633. Disagreed everyone should attend church
John Winthrop Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony, led puritan emigrants to Massachusetts
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