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Chapter 3

The American Promise 5th Edition. Professor: Jones-Reed : Keywords

Algonquian Indians Costal plains of Virginia
Bacon’s Rebellion Against the Chesapeake colonial gov in 1676
Lord Baltimore Catholic nobleman
Barbados Tiny island, sugar producer
Governor William Berkley Governor of Virginia
Grandees Elite planters
Headright 50 acres
House of Burgesses 1st assembly of representatives 1619
Indentured Servants Poor Immigrants
Jamestown 1st permanent English settlement 1607
Mercantilism Import tax
Navigation Act Colonial goods transported in English ships with English crews 1650-1651
Opechancanough 2nd Algonquian supreme chief assault on Jamestown settlers
Pocahontas Future wife of John Rolfe
Pope Organized the Pueblo Revolt, native leader
Powhatan 1st Algonquian supreme chief of small peninsula
John Rolfe English settler of Jamestown and marries Pocahontas
Captain John Smith Jamestown Leader
Virginia Company Joint stock company, received 6 million acres
Yeoman Poor farmer who owned a small sufficient plot of land
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