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social studies final

what was the name of the first form of us government The articles of confederation
Why was the first form of government a failure Gave to much power to states and central government couldn't tax
What was the goal of the constitutional convention Fix the articles of confederation
What was the New jersey plan favored small states gave equal votes in congress
What was the Virginia plan favored large states and states got amount of votes off of population
What was the great compromise The compromise to create the us government as a democracy and get rid of the articles of confederation bicameral houses
What was the 3/5 compromise Slaves counted as 3/5 of a person
Who was the main author of the constitution James Madison
What is the Premable introduction to the constitution
What does Bicarmel mean Two houses
What is the role of the legislative branch Make laws
What is the role of the executive branch Enforce the laws
What is the role of the Judicial branch Interpt laws
What are the requirements to be a senator must be 30 years old and u.s citizen for 9 years and live in state you represent
What are the requirements to be a reprentative Must be 25 years old live in us for 7 years and live in state you represent
What are the requirements to be the president Be born in us and 30 years old and live in the U.S. for 14 years
What are the powers of the president Veto bills as well as lead the country and be our commander and chief chooses supreme court justices, and make treaties with other countries
What are the powers of congress They can impeach government officials, pass bills, deny bills, and propose bills, declare war, pay debts, establish post offices and build roads
How long is a representatives term 2 years
how long is a senators term 6 years
how long is the presidents term 4 years
how many supreme court justices are there nine
How long is a supreme justices term They serve for life or until they retire so they don't have to worry about getting kicked out because of a descision
what is the main job of the supreme court They decide court cases that involve amendments and interrupt laws due with amendments
Who is the supreme justice John G. Roberts JR
What are the three levels of court systems district, appel, and supreme
What does the word appeal mean apply for higher court revisal
What part of government has to approve all supreme court justices senate
what is Judicial Review power supreme court has to interrupt the constitution
What does the first amendment protect freedom of religion, press, speech, petition, expression
What does the second amendment protect The right to bear arms
What does the third amendment protect No quartered soldiers
What does the fourth amendment protect unreasonable search and seizures
What does the fifth, sixth, and seventh amendment protect rights in criminal courts
What does the eighth amendment protect Cruel and unusual punishment
What does the ninth amendment protect implied rights
What is the bill of rights The bill of rights is the document listing all the rights of the people and the first ten amendments
what type of government does the tenth amendment protect state government
why do supreme court justices serve for life So they don't have to worry about being kicked out of office due to one of their decisions or opinions
Who is the president Obama
Who is the vice president Joe Biden
Who are the massachusetts senators Elizabeth Warren and ed markey
who represents wellesley Joesph p kennedy
Who is the massachusetts governor Deval Patrick
What are the two ways to amend the constitution a constitutional convention or a 2/3 of house and senate and 3/4 vote of states
What dose it mean to amend the constitution change it
What are the three levels of the united states government federal state and local
When doesn't the first amendment protect freedom of speech When it endangers others
What is another name for the executive departments cabinet
What is the main job of the executive departments advise the president
What does the department of defense over see They oversee the presidents decisions and sponsor for the army
What does the state department oversee represents the us in diplomatic services
What does the treasury department oversee They oversee all the money and collecting taxes
What does the department of interior oversee They over see national lands
What does the department of homeland security oversee They watch out for terrorists and threats
What does the department of justice oversee They run the legal system
Explain Congress's commerce clause Congress's has the ability to control business over state and country laws
Explain Congress's elastic clause gives congress power to grant all necessary laws
What is ferderalism shared power between states and federal government
What is the president in charge of as executive and chief The army and where troops are stationed
What is the president in charge of as chief diplomat He is in charge of relationships with other countries
What is the president in charge of as chief economic advisor The economy and make sure economy runs smoothly
what is double jepordy and what amendment protects us from it It is being tried for the same charge twice and the fifth amendment
what is pleading the fifth When you don't make a statement because it will incriminate yourself
What is eminent domain governmental power to appropriate private property like to tax
Created by: jlink12
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