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Studying for the Constitution Final

What was the name of the United States first form of government? The Articles of Confederation
Why was America's first form of government a failure? It gave too much power to the states, not allowing the federal government to tax
What was the goal of the Constitutional Convention? The convention fix the Articles of Confederation
What was the New Jersey plan? Equal representation in congress despite population of a state
What was the Virginia Plan? Representation in congress based on population of the state
What was the Great Compromise? Separating Congress into two houses
What was the 3/5th compromise? the slaves would be counted for 3/5 of a person in the population count
Who was the main author of the constitution? James Madison
What is the Preamble? The opening statement of the Constitution
What does the word "bicameral" mean? Two houses or two chambers
What is the primary role of the Legislative Branch? To make laws
What is the primary role of the Executive Branch? To enforce the laws
What is the primary role of the Judicial Branch To interpret the laws
What are the requirements to be a member of the House of Representatives? 25 years old, lived in the country for 7 years, live in the district
What are the requirements to be a Senator? 30 years old, lived in the country for 9 years, live in the state
What are the requirements to be President? Native citizen, 35 years old, lived in the country for 15 years
What are the powers of the President? Veto bills, Chief Diplomat, Commander in Chief, Economic leader
What are the powers of Congress? Make Laws, and they have expressed and listed powers, Elastic clause, declare war
How long is a House of Representative's term? 2 years
How long is a Senator's term? 6 years
How long is a President's term? 4 years
How many Supreme Court Justices are there? 9
How long is a Supreme Court Justices term? Life term
What is the main job of the Supreme Court? To interpret laws
Why are Supreme Court Justice's terms so long? So they don't have to worry about being disliked because of a decision they made and not be worried about being reelected
Who is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court? John Glover Roberts
What are the three levels of the federal court system? US Supreme Court, US Courts of Appeals, US District Courts
What does the word "appeal" mean? To apply to a higher court for a reversal of the decision of a lower court
What part of the government has to approve all Supreme Court Justices? Senate
What is Judicial Review? The power the Supreme Court to determine whether acts of other branches are following the Constitution
What does the 1st Amendment protect? Freedom of speech, religion, press, to assemble peacefully, and to petition.
What does the 2nd Amendment protect? The right to bear arms.
What does the 3rd Amendment protect? To not have solders quartered in your
The 5, 6, and 7th Amendments protect your rights in.... Court
What does the 8th Amendment protect? Cruel and Unusual punishment
What does the 9th Amendment claim? Implied rights
What type of government does the 10th Amendment protect? State
What is the Bill of Rights? The first ten amendments to the Constitution.
Who is the President of the United Sates of America? Barrack Obama
Who is the Vice President of the United States of America? Joe Biden
Who represents Massachusetts in the United States Senate? Elizabeth Warren and Ed Marky
Who represents Wellesley in the House of Representatives? Joseph Kennedy
Who is the Governor of Massachusetts? Deval Patrick
What are the two ways to amend the Constitution? A bill to pass through Congress and the President, and 3/4 of the states
What does it mean to "amend" the Constitution? To make changes to the Constitution
What are the three levels of government in the United States? Federal, State, Local
The First Amendment protects freedom of speech unless... it puts others into harms way or presents clear and present danger
What is another name for the Executive Departments? The Cabinet
What is the main job of the Cabinet? To help the President make decisions on the issues related to their department.
What does the Department of Defense oversee? Manges the armed forces and wars overseas
What does the State Department Oversee? Maneges our relations with foreign countries
What does the Treasury Department oversee? Collects taxes and print money and deals with nations finances
What does the Department of Interior oversee? Maneges and protects the nations public lands
What does the Department of Homeland Security oversee? Protects against terrorism and other threats
What does the Justices Department oversee? Fights crime and runs the federal court system
Explain Congress's Commerce Clause. The Commerce Clause allows Congress to regulate commerce with countries, states, and with Indian tribes.
Explain Congress's Elastic Clause. The Elastic Clause allows Congress to do things that are necessary and proper even though its not a listed power.
What is federalism? A system of government that splits the power between the central government and the states.
What is the president in charge of as Commander in Chief? He is in charge of the military and moving them to different areas
What is the president in charge of as Chief Diplomat? He is in charge of our relations and agreements with foreign countries.
What is the president in charge of as Chief Economic Adviser? Full employment and low inflation.
What is double jeopardy and what amendment protects us from it? To be tried twice on the same charges and it is protected by the Fifth Amendment.
What does it mean to plead the 5th? It means that the person who pleads the 5th can prevent themselves from self incrimination
What is eminent domain? It means that the government is allowed to take away private land for a reasonable price if it is necessary for the government to take it.
Created by: 19mahoneyk