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Last History Test

Johnson/Kennedy Admin, Vietnam War

John Glenn First man to orbit the Earth
Jack Ruby Killed Lee Harvey Oswald
John Connally Governor of Texas, was also shot by Oswald
Abraham Zapruder recorded Kennedy's assassination
Head Start Got kids to preschool, part of Johnson's campaign
Medicare medical care for the elderly
Job Corps vocational training for people ages 16-24 so they can get jobs
VISTA peace corps within America
Medicaid medical aid for the poor
Lyndon Johnson's domestic program Great Society
Where Johnson was from/importance Texas, southern votes
Declared "war on poverty" Johnson administration
Warren Commission belief single shooter/bullet
Eisenhower planned what Bay of Pigs invasion (Kennedy invented it)
Cause of Berlin Wall keep people in East Berlin from getting out to West Berlin and going west to Europe and whatever
Barry Goldwater Guy Lyndon Johnson defeated 'in a landslide'
Three effects of the Cuban Missile Crisis Direct contact with Soviet Union, helped the US set the nuclear ban treaty, Cuban embargos
Created by: lieren13e