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Am.History ch 5

Am.History ch 5 - Christ in the Americas Textbook part I

The first explorer who departed Europe for the New World in the name of France was a Genoese named... Giovanni Verrazzano
Verrazzano was sent to the New World by King... Francis I of France
Verrazzano sailed to the New World in the year... 1524
What came of Verrazzano's voyage? Nothing much, as Francis had been captured by Charles I of England in the Battle of Pavia.
King Clovis was baptized in the ___century fifth
Where did Francis I go after he was releaaed? Mont st. Michel in France on the coast
Who did Francis I meet while at Mont St. Michel? Jacques Cartier
When did Cartier sail for the New World? 1534
How many voyages did Cartier make to New France? 3
What did Cartier discover on his first voyage? he sigted Labrador in Canada
What did Cartier discover on his second voyage? He explored the Gulf of St Lawrence and the St. Lawrence River in 1535-36He also found the promontory where Quebec would be founded, and the log cabins where Montreal would eventually be.
What did Cartier do on his third voyage? He asked the king to start a colony, and was given convicts for colonists.
The Village of Hochelaga would one day be known as... Montreal
What year did Cartier make his third voyage? 1541
What happened to Cartier's colony in the New World? the survivors were returned to France in the spring.
Who was the Father of New France? Samuel Champlain
When did Champlain first voyage to New France? 1603
On Champlain's first voyage, what did he take possession of? the Isle de Jean, now known as Prince Edward Island
How was Champlain's first winter at St. Croix? Scurvy killed 35 out of the 70 men he had there, and wine/cider froze in the casks.
What did Champlain do in 1608? Built a colony at Quebec.
How did the Quebec colony do? They survived and were able to give food to Indians who were starving.
What did Champlain discover on his explorations? Lake Champlain on the border of Canada and Vermont.Also Lake Huron and Lake Ontario
What did Champlain do in 1615? Brought over the first missionaries to New France.
Who arrived in New France in 1625? THE first 3 Jesuit missionaries.
What did the Jesuits publish about the New World? Yearly volumes called the "Relations" about their lives there, which served to make the colony better known.
What trade did Champlain start? fur trade
Who did Champlain persuade to support the new colony? Richelieu, the main minister of the French king
In 1627, Richelieu organized the ... Company of 100 Associates
What did the Company of Associates do? they financed the journeys of 300 colonists each year and supported them for another 3 years.
In 1629, what did Champlain have to do, which almost ended his dream? He surrendered Quebec to the British fleet.
Quebec was returned to France in ____ to celebrate the wedding of Henrietta Maria to _____ 1632King Charles I of England
List 5 things accomplished by Champlain: 1. exploration2. established fur trading3. a permanent colony4. beginning of missionary work5. peace with almost all tribes
Created by: margaretawarren