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social studies

what was the sedition act? an activity designed to overthrow a gobernment
what did Jefferson do to the people imprisoned under the sedition act he set them free
impressment? sailors on american ships which meant seizing the sailors and facing them to serve in the British navy
what to countries agreed to finally stop fighting(treaty of Ghent) britian and united states
Adams-onis treaty can take over any state when you want to
Monroe doctrine the u.s. would not allow European nations to create american colonies or interfere with the free nations of Latin america
which state led the way regarding public education? massachusetts
the Alamo historically important became the battle cry of the Texan army independent from mexico
manifest destiny westward expansion
what union general was known for his aggressive tactics u.s. grant
what is an ironclad? ship covered in iron plate
emancipation proclamtion document that freed slavery in the south
expansion extending the nation beyond the existing borders
income tax tax on money
martial law military in charge and citizens rights are suspended
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