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MB 303 Final

OF (Oxidative Fermentative) Medium (Resp/Ferm/Anaerobic Resp) Determines the ability of oxidative and/or fermentative metabolism of glucose. Ferments glucose = makes acid (yellow). Acid in both tubes = OF; open tube = O; closed tube = F; no growth = cannot use glucose
Nitrate Broth (Resp/Ferm/Anaerobic Resp) Determines the ability to reduce nitrate to nitrite (A+B) or N gas (zinc powder) by anaerobic resp. After adding A+B: red = nitrate -> nitrite; pink = nitrate weakly reduced. After zinc: red = nitrate present but not reducable; no color = nitrate -> N gas
Oxidase Test (Resp/Ferm/Anaerobic Resp) Determines the presence of cytochrome c oxidase enzyme using isolated colonies on TSA plate/filter paper. TSA: color changes pink - maroon - black = oxidase positive (enzyme's present). Filter: color change pink = positive. Both: no change = oxidase neg
Caseinase Test (Gram+) Determines presence of the caseinase enzyme, which breaks peptide bonds between amino acids. Streak the cloudy plate and incubate. Clear zone = caseinase enzyme present (clearing away caseinase); cloudy area = caseinase enzyme absent.
Catalase Test (Gram+) Determines the presence of the catalase enzyme. Add a drop of H2O2 to a colony; if there's catalase it'll convert H2O2 to H2O and O2 and will bubble; no bubbling = no catalase enzyme present.
Urea Broth (Gram-) Determines the presence of urease enzyme, which breaks down urea into NH4 (alkaline product) and CO2. Orange/yellow color at lower pH; if urease enzyme's present after incubation, it'll turn pink; if not, no color change (still acidic).
Tryptophan Broth (Gram-) Determines presence of tryptophanase enzyme, which breaks down tryptophan to produce indole. Add 5 drops Kovac's reagent & shake; red ring/layer on top = indole pos (has tryptophanase enzyme); yellow ring = indole neg
Methyl Red Test (Gram-) Determines presence of acid end products after glucose fermentation. Add 10 drops to MR broth; red = acid w/ pH below 4.5 is produced (lots of acidic fermentation products produced when pyruvate's reduced); yellow = no acid produced.
Voges-Proskauer Test (Gram-) Determines presence of acetoin after glucose fermentation; acetoin is a ferementation product of pyruvate reduction in some enterics, with end product: butanediol. Add 5 drops of VPI & VPII; water bath for 30 min; red = acetoin; yellow = no acetoin.
Citrate Slant (Gram-) Determines presence of citrate permease enzyme (citrase), which lets organism use citrate as sole energy and C source. Green -> blue = citrase (transports Na-citrate into cell; citrate's used, Na produces basic change in medium). Stays green = no citrase
Lactose Broth (Gram-) Determines ability of an organism to ferment lactose (carb). After incubation, purple broth to purple = neutral pH; purple to yellow = acidic pH (lactose fermented to acid end products).
Ornithine Decarboxylase Deep (Gram-) Determines presence of OD enzyme, which breaks down amino acid into CO2 and a basic amine to balance out the acidity from glucose breakdown. Purple to: yellow/white = glucose fermented, no OD; light purple/grey = GF, OD enzyme present; same purple = no GF
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