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tennis vocab


Ace a ball served and untouched by the opponents racket
advantage scoring term used for the next pint won after the score is "deuce"
backhand strokes hit on the left side of a right-handed player
deuce scoring term used when the game score is 40-40.
double fault when the server has served two serves out of bounds or into the net on the same point.
error a mistake made by a player during competition
fault a serve that lands out of bounds or is not hit properly
forehand the stroke hit to the right sside of a right-handed player
ground stroke any ball hit after it has bounced.
let serve a serve that touches the net tape and falls into the proper squar and is played over.
set scoring term used referring to the first player to win six games with a minimum two-game lead to win a set
Volley the hit the ball in the air beforeit has bounced on the court
when the score is zero love
the first point scored 15
the second point scored 30
the third point scored 40
the fourth point won gives the player that game unless there is a deuce
duece when the score is 40-40
the player who wins the next point has the advantage
if the player wins the advantage point they win the game
If the player loses the advantage point the score goes back to deuce
How many consecutive points after deuce do you need to win the game 2
how many games won in a set 6
If you are tied at 5 games, you must win by two games to win the set
how a is match won by winning two out of three sets or three out of five sets
players switch sides of the courts each odd numbered game.
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