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S.S. Final

Pgs. 46-49

What were the 4 main causes of World War 1? Militarism, Nationalism, Alliance System, Imperialism
2 things that forced the U.S. to enter war in 1917 Germany kept bombing U.S. cargo ships transporting goods to Europe with U-Boats Zimmerman Note, asking Mexico to form an alliance with Germany against the U.S.
Which group of people suffered the greatest amount of discrimination in TX? Germany Americans
The over-production of what agricultural product led TX into bust economy in the 1920's? Cotton
Why were women and African Americans displaces from their jobs in the factories? Because soldiers coming back from war needed jobs.
What started the Great Depression? Stock market crash of 1929
What decadde did the majority of the Great Depression take place in? 1930-1939
What state did people move to during the Great Depression to look for work? California
What put an end to the great depression? WW2
What was NOT an effect that the Great Depression had on TX? Cotton Prices rose
Which BEST describes the cause of the Dust Bowl? Drought & over-cultivation (plowing) of the land caused loose topsoil that was blown away.
The Dust Bowl caused what illness in people? Pneumonia
President Franklin D. Roosevelt passed which act to aid farmers in planting crops in a way that would avoid future dust storms? Soil Conservation Act
Drought and dust ruined crops in the TX . . . what? Panhandle
What state was NOT heavily effected by the Dust Bowl? Illinios
What were the 4 Allied Powers? U.S., Soviet Union, Britian, France
What were the 3 Axis Powers? Germany, Italy, Japan
What TXan was the nations most decorated soldie with 33 medals and awards? Audie Murphy
What jobs did women perform in the factories? Assembly Lines, Operating Punch Press, Riveting Metal Parts
Urbanization An increase in people living ot working in cities
Houston Ship Channel Channel that connects Houston with the Gulf Of Mexico
Suburbs Residential neighborhoods built outside of a central city
Francisco "Pancho" Villa Led rebel forces in the North against Mexico for political freedom. He also attacked & killed Americans on a train headed to El Paso and in a raid at Columbus, New Mexico, for the recognition of his rival, President Carranza.
Neutral Not alligned with either side during a conflict
Allied Powers Great Britian, France, & Russia. Battled the Central Powers in WW1
Central Powers Germany, Austia-Hungary, Turkey. Battled Allied Powers in WW1
Demobilization Moving from a war time to a peace time economy
Stocks Shares of ownership in a company
Great Depression Severe global economic slowdown in the 1930's
Dust Bowl Parts of the Southern Great Plains in which dust & drought ruined crops & killed thousands of cattle during the 1930's
New Deal Program initiated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to fight the Great Depression
Women's Auxiliary Army Corps Group of women who served in non combat positions during WW2
Holocaust Nazi Germany's attempt to kill the Jews of Europe during WW2
Cold War Term describing the tensions between the United States & the Soviet Union after WW2
Nonviolent Resistance Peaceful public demonstrations
American GI Forum Organization formed by Hector P. Garcia to protect the rights of Hispanics
Civil Rights Act of 1964 Law passed under President Lyndon B. Johnson that banned segregation in public places & prohibited employers, unions, or universities with federal government contracts from discriminating based on race, sex, religion, & national origin
National Aeronautics And Space Administrations ( NASA ) Program created in 1948 to take charge of the U.S. space program & work toward U.S. space goals
Two party system Political system in which two major parties compete to gain political office
50's 1954 - Brown vs. Board of Education ruled segregation illegal in public schools 1958 - NASA Founded
60's 1963 - President John F. Kennedy assassinated 1968 - Civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated 1965 - U.S. enters Vietnam War 1969 - Neil Armstrong (American) becomes first man to walk on the moon
70's 1973 - U.S. pulls out of the Vietnam War 1974 - U.S. president Richard Nixon resigns after the Watergate Scandal
80's 1981 - U.S. President Ronald Reagan and the Pope are nearly assassinated 1986 - U.S. Space shuttle Challenger explodes on Live TV
90's 1991 - Operation Desert Storm (U.S. war against Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein) Three major bombings shock the nation 1993 - Twin Towers 1995 - Oklahoma City 1996 - Atlanta Olympic Games
Where are the Appalachian Mountains? East U.S.
Where are the Rocky Mountains? Western & Central U.S
Where are the Sierra Nevada Mountains? In Eastern California
Where is the Mississippi River? From Minnisota to Louisiana to the Gulf Of Mexico
What land area did the U.S. get in . . . . 1846? Oregon Compromise
What land area did the U.S. get in . . . . 1848? Mexican Cession
What land area did the U.S. get in . . . . 1853? Gadsden Purchase
What land area did the U.S. get in . . . . 1803? Louisiana Purchase
What land area did the U.S. get in . . . . 1818? Red River Basin
What land area did the U.S. get in . . . . 1845? Texas Annexation
What land area did the u.s. get in . . . . 1812? Claimed Area of Louisiana
Land area U.s. get . . . . 1819 Florida Cession
Land area u.s get . . . . 1800 States and Territories
land area u.s get . . . . . 1842 claimed area of Maine
Created by: nikki_b
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