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History Unit 12

Actions of Hector Garcia characterize age of civil rights and conservation by his founding of American G.I. Forum led to... Expanded rights and liberties for Hispanic Americans.
Evangelical movement influenced politics in last several decades- Evangelical politicians have incorporated what? Their faith in the way they lead.
Civil rights leader and Native Texan, formed Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) and worked to bring an end to racial segregation in U.S. through nonviolent actions like freedom rides James Farmer, Jr.
Requirement of Texas citizens... To serve on a jury
A journalist, business leader, and public servant, she formed and led Women Army Corps (WAC) during World War 2. She was appointed first secretary of department of health, education, and welfare- second woman to hold a cabinet post. Oveta Culp Hobby
A right and a responsibility of Texas citizens... Voting for public officials
Most likely responsible for peaks in Texas crude oil production in 1935-2010 is... The Korean War and Vietnam War.
Free press is important to Texas citizens because... People need to be informed to make valid decisions.
According to Texas Bill of Rights Texans may alter the government as long as... The government stays a representative democracy.
Capable of immense personal charm, politician, president Lyndon B. Johnson
Organized individuals with similar concerns Interest Group
Created by: jresclovon
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