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Middle Ages Vocab

persecuted mistreated
gentiles non-Jews
archbishops bishops at the head of churches in large cities
lords Medieval nobles
serfs Medieval poor people bound to the land
clergy religious leaders
feudalism Medieval political system based on the relation of lords to vassals
nobles people having high rank in a kingdom
fiefs pieces of land given to vassals by their lords
vassal Medieval noble who served a lord of higher rank
act of homage ceremony in which a vassal promises loyalty to a lord
ladies noblewomen
knight warrior on horseback
code of chivalry rules knights has to live by
page person who helped knights care for their horses and armor
squire young noble under care and training of a knight
dubbing ceremony in which a squire is made a knight
tournaments contests to test the skills of a knight
joust contest on horseback between two knights
castle large, fortified houses
drawbridge a heavy door that could be raised or lowered to cross a moat around a castle
portcullis heavy oak and iron gate that served as the entrance to a castle
keep strongest part of a castle
manors Medieval estates with a lord and tenants
bailiff Medieval official who saw that peasants did their work
freeman peasants who paid the lord for the right to farm their own land
orders groups of friars
cathedrals churches headed by bishops
illuminated manuscript a written page decorated with drawings, usually in gold, silver, and rich colors
friars preachers
converted changed religions
king's peace protection extended to any area an Anglo-Saxon king visits
tapestries woven hangings used to cover the walls of a noble's home
shires districts in England
Eddas written poems based on stories of Viking gods
runes letters of the Viking alphabet used as magic charms
jarls Viking military leaders
berserkers Viking warriors
crusades wars fought to regain the Holy Land from Muslims
heresy religious belief at odds with church doctrine
guilds Medieval craft organizations
apprentice person who is learning a craft or trade
journeyman person who works under a master for a daily wage
masters expert craftsmen and members of a guild
Black Death a disease that swept through Europe and killed millions of people
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