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History Unit 10

Characteristics of Texas during age of oil are... Growth of urban areas, Texas railroad commission, Temperance movement
Found in 1901, site of first significant oil well in Texas, and East Texas Spindletop
A period great profits followed by downward trend in an industry. Boom and bust cycle
Growth of oil industry led to... Increased employment opportunities, over 500 new companies, like Texaco, being formed, an improved standard of living for many Texans.
The initial growth of oil industry during this era impacted Texas state government by... Texas Railroad Commission was established to regulate and control oil prices.
Sequence the events: World War 1 begins, Prohibition ends, Hurricane devastates Galveston, Women's suffrage amendment Hurricane devastates Galveston, World War 1 begins, Women's suffrage amendment, Prohibition ends.
The original mission of League of United Latin American citizens was to... Support rights of Spanish speaking people.
Strong supporters of populism in Texas during 1890s were... Rural citizens who had not benefited from new industry.
World War 1 changed lives of women in Texas by... Many women had entered the work force.
Mission of Texas equal suffrage association was... Right to vote for women.
"I will work to pass laws that improve conditions in factories." is... Progressivism
Created by: jresclovon