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why the Reformation happened Renaissance had led to questioning of accepted beliefs.Abuses in the Church:Simony Nepotism Pluralism Absenteeism.The behaviour of the Popes.The Sale of Indulgences gave the impression you could buy your way to heaven .The wealth and power of the church
what was Indulgences Indulgences shortened the time that a soul spent in purgatory
what was Simony The buying and selling of church positions
what was Nepotism Appointing a relative to a church position whether they were suitable or not.
what was Absenteeism Not living in the diocese or parish to which a bishop or priest was appointed to.
what was Pluralism Holding more than one church office: A bishop controlling three dioceses.
where was Martin Luther born and when born in Germany in 1483
where did he die and when he died in Germany in 1546
where did Martin Luther teach in Wittenberg University
he was worried about what he was worried about salvation (going to heaven)
how did he believe he would get into heaven by faith and faith alone
who was selling indulgences John Tetzel
how many theses did Martin Luther write he wrote 95
where did he nail the theses to the door of Wittenberg church
what where Luther's theses translated to German
why did people support him they did not want to pay money to the Rome
who did the Pope order Martin Luther to meet Cardinal Cajetan
what did the pope send to Martin Luther and what did he do with it he sent him a papal bull,Luther burned it in public
what did the Pope do to Luther he excommunicated him(banned him from sacraments)
what did Luther come before the Diet of Worms
what did the Emperor issue the Edict of Worms (which ordered the arrest of Luther)
who protect Luther Fredrick the wise (who hid Luther in Wartburg castle)
what did Luther translate while at Wartburg castle the new Testament into German
what did Luther's followers become known as Protestant
the conflict between Lutherans and Catholic's soon became a war
Luther's Reformation had done what it had divided Germany between protestant and Catholics,increased the use of vernacular language and spread literacy and education.
what was the result of the Reformation Europe was divided
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