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Mrs. Meade Exam

Mrs. Meade Exam Review

Which state became a free state as a result of the Compromise of 1850? California
What did abolitionists work to end? slavery
Which area of land was added to the United States as a result of the Adams-Onis Treaty? Florida
Which area of land was added to the United States in 1803 during Thomas Jefferson's presidency? Louisiana Territory
What did Lincoln issue during the Civil War to free slaves in all states of rebellion? Emancipation Proclamation
Which Amendment officially ended slavery in the United States? 13th
Who became the first territorial governor of Florida after leading troops to victory at the Battle of New Orleans? Andrew Jackson
Worked with suffragettes to help women gain the right to vote abolitionists
Harriet Beecher Stowe's best-selling novel about the evils of slavery. Uncle Tom's Cabin
Favored a stronger central government as designed by the Constitution. Federalists
Favored stronger rights for states. Anti-Federalists
Passed by Federalists to silence critics of the government during John Adams' presidency; later ruled a violation of the 1st amendment Alien & Sedition Acts
Author of Common Sense which encouraged people to declare independence from England. Thomas Paine
Commander of the Continental Army George Washington
Movement that worked to outlaw alcohol Temperance
religious communities that sought to convert Native Americans to Christianity. missions
Name for direct water route through the Americas to Asia that explorers hoped to discover. northwest passage
This crop "saved" Jamestown. tobacco
First legislature in North America elected by the people. House of Burgesses
Most culturally diverse colony. New York
People who worked in exchange for passage to America; usually 4-7 years. indentured servants
The most powerful group of Native Americans in eastern North America. Iroquois
Colonial protest group started by Sam Adams. Sons of Liberty
First colonist killed by the British in the Boston Massacre. Crispus Attucks
Main author of the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson
Great Compromise and Three-Fifths Compromise both helped solve this issue. representation
The X,Y,Z Affair refers to a conflict between the United States and which other nation? France
Helped to assure the success of the Lewis & Clark expedition to the West. Sacajawea
The practice of forcing sailors into service; one of the main causes of the War of 1812. impressment
Time period in which major improvements were made in the areas of manufacturing, transportation, and communication through inventions and new technology. Industrial Revolution
Man-made waterways that reduced the cost of shipping during the 1800s. canals
Eli Whitney's invention that led to an increase in manufacturing and an increase in slavery. cotton gin
Name for the forced removal of Native Americans living east of the Mississippi River. Trail of Tears
Corrupt bargain, spoils system, bank war, tariff debate, and Indian Removal Act are all associated with which president? Andrew Jackson
The Old Three Hundred, Alamo, Davy Crockett, and Lone Star Republic are all associated with which state? Texas
Sutter's Mill, forty-niners, boomtown, vigilantes, and Chinese immigrants are all associated with which event? California Gold Rush
Crop that became "King of the South" in the mid-1800s. cotton
Harriet Tubman, Canada, safe houses, and conductors are terms associated with what important network? Underground Railroad
Name for Union strategies in the Civil War: blockade Confederate coastline, control the Mississippi River, capture Richmond, VA. Anaconda Plan
Name for time period after the Civil War when the nation faced the task of readmitting former Confederate states into the Union. Reconstruction
Created by: dlmeade