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what does the word renaissance mean rebirth
why the renaissance began in Italy The ruins of the Roman Empire lay scattered throughout Italy. These reminded the Italians of the achievements of the ancient Romans and they wanted to learn more about there culture the Italians language was based on latin. There where interested in anci
who was Lorenzo de Medici / Lorenzo the magnificent he was the grandson of Cosmo de Medici. he was also a patron
what was perspective it was to give the painting depth
what was anatomy the study of the human body
what was Sfumato this involved the blurring of the lines in paintings using soft shadows
what were Fresceos paintings on the walls
what did medieval artists use to bind there paintings egg whites
what did renaissance artists use to bind there paintings oils
what did medieval artists paint on they painted on wooden panels and used alot of gold paint
what did renaissance artists paint on they painted on canvas
what type of paint did medieval artists use gold and other dark colours
what type of paint did renaissance artists use red yellow blue
what was the first free standing nude statue since ancient times Donatello's David
what material was used to make statues marble,gold,wood and bronze
who was the greatest sculptor and what was he famous for Michelangelo and he was famous for the Pieta and David
The renaissance architects copied the ancient Roman architects by using columns,domes and round towers
who was the most famous architect of the renaissance and what was he famous for Brunelleschi and he was famous for the dome of Florence cathedral
who wrote the four books of architecture Andrea Palladio
where was Leonardo da Vinci born and when he was born in Vinci near Florence in 1452
where did Leonardo da Vinci die and when he died in France in 1519
who was Leonardo da Vinci main Patrons Duke of Milan/Lorenzo de Medici/Pope x/Francis 1
what where his main works The Mona Lisa / The Last Supper / The Virgin on the Rocks / Virgin and child with St Anne / Portrait of an Unknown Women
where was Albrecht Durer born and when he was born in Nuremberg in Germany in 1471
where did he die and when he died in Nuremberg in Germany in 1528
what is he famous for he is famous for his paintings,woodcuts,engravings and love of nature
who was his main Patrons Frederick the Wise / Emperor Maximilian / Emperor Charles V
what where his main works The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse /Knight,Death and the devil / St.Jerome in His Study /A Young Hare / Self portraits / The Four Holy Men
what was Humanism it was where writers moved from religious themes to looking at human life
what was vernacular it was where writers wrote in there own Languague and not Latin
name one renaissance writer William Shakespeare
why was the printing press a very important invention it made large numbers of inexpensive books available.more people where able to read and write.it encouraged the spread of ideas.the work of great writer became widely know.it also encouraged writer to use there own language as more people could read
what did the polish priest Nicholas Copernicus believe he believed that the earth travelled around the sun
what did Galileo prove he proved that the objects dropped at the same speed regardless of the weight
what did William Harvey prove he proved that blood circulated around the body pumped by the heart
what book did Andreas Vesalius write on human fabric of the human body
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