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9 weeks study

why did Japan attack Pearl harbor? U.S. cut off Japans oil supplies and copper and metals
During the massive military campaign known as D-Day ,allied troops landed where? Normandy,France
The world body that was formed after World War 2 to help maintain peace was called? United Nations
What was the name of the trials that tried Nazi leaders for war crimes? Nuremberg trials
The Holocaust was caused by Germans attempt to do what? create a master race
What was the Manhattan project? Build of the atomic bomb
May 8th, the day after German leaders officially signed an unconditional surrender, was called? V-E day
What was Germany last offensive move during ww2 ? Battle of the Bulge
The largest seaborn invasion in History? D-Day
In the late 1940's and 1950'S, the area known as behind the iron curtain included? Russia
What was the purpose of the Truman Doctrine? Domino theory
What action did General MacArthur take during the Korean war that immediately led to his discharge? he got fired because he criticized the President
The bay of pigs was a failed attempt to overthrow who? Fidel Castro
What does "Perestroika" refer to? A new way for communism and Economics-Polities
What mostly Hindu country has the worlds largest democracy? India
As a British colony,this nation was called gold coast? Ghana
What nation was formerly known as East Pakistan? Bangladesh
Describe the partition of India? India and Pakistan
The dividing of India into two nations was referred to as? Partiton
This was the name taken bu east Pakistan once they broke away from west Pakistan? Bangladesh
What was the domino theory? one communism falls they all fall
what was the Tet offensive? January 1968/ Vietnam/ Vietcong attacked south leader
Why was the Tet offensive considered the turning point of the war? Americans believed we could not win the war
Give three reasons why many Americans protested the war We had no right to be there,fighting was immortal,and thought coast to american society was to high
Give three reasons why the war was so frustrating to US soldiers? young and inexperienced soldiers,19 of age, fighting was different than ww2
What happened on November 22,1963 in Dallas,Texas? John F. Kennedy was assassinated
Who became president after Kennedy was assassinated? Lyndon Johnson
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