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Unit 27

A leading critic of the media in the Nixon Administration was: the Vice President
The controversial step that President Nixon took in the Vietnam War was: bombing Communist supply routes in neutral Cambodia
The Pentagon Papers were: classified documents stolen from the Pentagon
After the US pulled out of Vietnam: the Communists took over South Vietnam
The energy crisis centered on: the price and availability of gasoline
Man first landed on the moon in what year? 1969
President Nixon achieved a diplomatic breakthrough when he visited: Communist China
The Democratic presidential nominee in 1972 was: George McGovern
Nixon's failure in the Watergate Scandal was that: he helped obstruct the legal investigation of the break-in after learning about it
How far did impeachment proceedings against Nixon develop? The House Judiciary Committee approved articles of impeachment
Gerald Ford was not elected by the people to be President
A serious economic problem during Carter's presidency was: the high rate of inflation
President Carter oversaw talks at Camp David that led to an agreement between: Egypt and Israel
The increased awareness of the Muslim religion in America in the 1970s was because: fundamentalist Muslims took Americans hostage in Iran
Jonestown, Guyana the scene of a mass murder-suicide of a religious cult
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