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Rome & Christianity

Vocab words for 7th Grade SS - Ch. 11 Rome & Christianity

Cicero orator who said Romans should give control of government back to the Senate
orator a public speaker
Julius Caesar the greatest general in Roman history
Augustus Caesar's adopted son, defeated Anthony and Cleopatra
provinces the areas outside of Italy that the Romans controlled
currency money
Pax Romana the Roman Peace, a peaceful period in Rome's history
aqueduct a raised channel used to carry water from mountains into cities
Ovid a poet who wrote about Roman mythology
Romance languages the languages that developed from Latin
civil law a legal system based on a written code of laws
agreement a decision reached by two or more people or groups
Christianity religion based on the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth
Jesus of Nazareth founder of Christianity
Messiah leader Jews believed would return and restore the greatness of Israel
Bible the holy book of Christianity
crucifixion a type of execution that involved being nailed to a cross
Resurrection Christian belief that Jesus rose from the dead three days after his death
disciples followers
Apostles the 12 disciples whom Jesus chose to receive special teaching
Paul of Tarsus disciple whose letters defined Christianity as separate from Judaism
martyrs people who die for their religious beliefs
persecution punishing people for their beliefs
Constantine Roman emperor who became a Christian
Diocletian emperor who divided the Roman Empire into two parts
Attila fearsome Hun leader who attacked Rome's eastern empire
corruption decay in people's values
Justinian last ruler of the Roman Empire
Theodora Justinian's wife, a wise woman who advised her husband during his reign
Byzantine Empire civilization that developed in the eastern Roman Empire
efficient productive and not wasteful
Created by: Ms. Thacker