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History Final Exam

History final exam flashcards

Judiciary Act set up a federal court system;law that created the structure of the supreme court and set up a system of district of courts and circuit courts for the nation
Neutrality Proclamation statement by President Washington that the United States would not support or aid either France or Britain in their European conflict
Faction opposing groups within parties
Democratic Republicans Supporter of Thomas Jefferson
Federalists Supporter of the constitution who favored a strong federal government
Frigate fast sailing ship with many guns
Alien and Sedition Acts federalist supported laws that permitted the president to expel foreigners, made it harder for immigrants to become citizens, and allowed for citizens to be fined or jailed if they criticized the government officials
Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions Declarations passed that claimed that each state has the right to decide weather a federal law is constitutional
Suffrage the right to vote
Whigs members of John Quincy Adam's former national republican party who wanted the federal government to spur the economy
Democrats Supporters of Andrew Jackson; included frontier farmers and factory workers
Caucus System people called the system undemocratic because only a few powerful people were able to take part in it
Nominating Convention where delegates from all over the states chose the party's candidate for president
Spoils System practice of rewarding supporters with government jobs
Kitchen Cabinet a group of unofficial advisers to Andrew Jackson who met with him in the white house kitchen
Trail of Tears forced journey of the Cherokee Indians from Georgia to a region west of the Mississippi during which many Cherokees died
Depression period when business activity slows, prices and wages fall, and unemployment rises
Mudslinging the use of insults to attack an opponents reputation
Tariff of 1828 (Tariff of Abominations) Tariff passed by congress that favored manufacturing in the north
Artisan Skilled worker
Trade Union Organized group of skilled workers who do the same types of jobs
Strike Workers refusal to do their jobs
Famine Severe food shortage
Nativists One who wants to limit immigration and immigrants' rights
Cotton Kingdom region of the southern united states that produced cotton up until the war
Popular sovereignty the right of people to create their government
Free Soil Party bipartisan antislavery party founded in the united states in 1848 to keep slavery out of the western territories
Uncle Tom's Cabin Novel by Harriet Beecher Stowe written to show the evils of slavery and injustice of the Fugitive Slave Law
Border Ruffians Pro slavery groups from Missouri who often battled antislavery forces in Kansas
Dred Scott Decision voted that segregation was equal as long as the facilities of equal
Republican Party made up of free soilers, northern democrats, and antislavery Whigs whose main goal was to end slavery in the south or stop the spread (keep out of the west) .
Martyr person who dies for his or her beliefs
Fort Sumter Start of the civil war/ first attack. Guarded Charleston harbor (in South Carolina)
Border States Slave State that remained in the union during the Civil War
Martial Law rule by the army instead of the elected government
Unions Draft Law law requiring all able bodied men between the ages of 20 and 45 to serve if they were called
Confederacy's Draft Law men who owned or supervised more than 20 slaves did not have to serve
Habeas Corpus the right to be held in prison without first being charged with a specific crime
Inflation rise in prices and a decrease in the value of money
Total War all out war that affects civilians at home as well as soldiers in combat
Freedmen men and women who had been slaves
Freedmens Bureau government agency founded during reconstruction to help former slaves
Black Codes laws that severely limited the rights of freemen
Radical Republicans members of congress during reconstruction who wanted to ensure that freedmen received the right to vote
13th Amendment Banned slavery in all territories
14th Amendment If you were born in the U.S. than your a citizen and you can vote
Sharecropping/ Sharecropper person who rents a plot of land from another person and farms it in exchange for a share of the crop
Amnesty Act of 1872 Passed to restore the right to vote to nearly all white southerners
Poll Tax tax required before a person can vote
Literacy Test examination to see if a person can read and write; used in the past to restrict voting rights
Grandfather Clause laws that stated if a voters father or grandfather had been eligible to vote on January 1, 1867, the voter did not have the take the literacy test
Segregation legal separation of races
19th Amendment amendment that gives women the right to vote
Isolationism limited involvement in the worlds affairs
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