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Unit 28

Walter Mondale Defeated by Ronald Reagan in 1980
Dan Quayle Vice President under George H.W. Bush
Colin Powell Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Jimmy Carter Defeated by Ronald Reagan in 1984
George H.W. Bush Elected President in 1988
Ronald Reagan Served as Governor of California
Clarence Thomas Appointed to serve on the US Supreme Court
Ronald Reagan campaigned in 1980 on a platform that included: less government and lower taxes
During Reagan's presidency, the US had: a tax cut and higher Federal deficits
Reagan developed a more positive relationship with the Soviet Union by: negotiating from a position of strength
The Iran-Contra Scandal involved: a secret arms deal with Iran, an attempt to help free American hostages, and undercover assistance to Central American freedom fighters
The industry that collapsed during the George H.W. Bush presidency was: the savings and loan industry
The fall of Communism was hastened by: greater openness within the U.S.S.R. and less Soviet pressure on countries in Eastern Europe
The Persian Gulf War occurred because: Iraq had invaded and taken over Kuwait
The allied military operation that pushed Iraqi forces out of Kuwait was called: Operation Desert Storm
Created by: kamryn__13