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american cult final

what is the Sedition Act is activity designed to overthrow a government
when was the Adams-Onis Treaty issued 1841
inflation a general rise in prices
when was the Monroe Doctrine issued 1823
what is Impressment sailors on American ships,which meant seizing the sailors and forcing them to serve in the British navy
which state led the way regarding public education Massachusetts
Suffrage the right to vote
Income tax is a tax on the money people receive
Martial Law is the imposition of military power over designated regions on an emergency basis.
Habeas corpus is a right that requires a person under arrest to be brought before a judge or into court.
Emancipate set free especially from legal, social, or political restrictions
what is Manifest Destiny the doctrine or belief that the expansions of the US throughout the American continents was both justified and inevitable
did Lincoln want to free the slaves or get more slaves free slaves
what is an ironclad a navy ship covered in protected medal armor
Compromise of 1850 In September 1850 congress finally passed five bills based on Clay's proposals
who was Frederick Douglass a man born into slavery and then became a freed slave
why is the Alamo historically important 12 days of heavy cannon fire
Appomattox Court House June 1864 - April 1865 Lee had about 60,000 men under his command to oppose more than 100,000 Union troops.
Gettysburg a 3 day battle July 1st to July 3rd 1863
Antietam after twelve hours of battle on September 17th 1862 there were 23,000 solders killed wounded or missing
Fort Sumter in 1861 civil war begins with bombardment of Fort Sumter
Harper's Ferry john browns raid on Harper's Ferry happened on October 17th
John Brown an Antislavery settler from Connecticut
First Bull Run Happened on July 21st,1861
Border States Slave state that remained in the Union during the Civil War
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