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Chapter 10 ocabulary

Marbury v. Madison One of the most important decisions of the Marshall court.
unconstitutional Contradicted the law of the Constitution
Francis Scott Key Creator of the original Star Soangled Banner
James Madison Father of the Constitution
Judicial review Rule that was established that said that the Supreme Court has the final say In interpreting the constitution.
Louisiana Purchase Purchase of a large amount of land from France for 15 million dollars.
impressment The imprisonment of US ships and the sailers aboard.
Judiciary Act of 1801 Also known as the midnight judge as act, this law was created to enforce the weak parts in the Judiciary branch.
Meriwether Lewis Ome of the two lead explorers in the Lewis and Clark expedition.
William Clark An artist and the other lead explorer on the Lewis and Clark expedition.
Sacagawea An Indian woman who was met along the expedition and decided to help Lewis and Clark.
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