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History Unit 29

Bob Dole republican senator and 1996 presidential candidate
Kenneth Starr special prosecutor who investigated clinton
Newt Gingrich speaker of the US house of representatives
Alan Greenspan chairman of the federal reserve board
King Hussein leader of jordan
Ross Perot third party candidate for president
David Koresh cult leader in texas
Bill Clinton governor of arkansas
Yitzak Rabin prime minister of israel
Timothy McVeigh convicted for the oklahoma city bombing
Al Gore vice president under bill clinton
Yassier Arafat palestinian leader
William Rehnquist chief justice of the US supreme court
Contract With America 1994 republican election promise
NAFTA trade deal involving mexico, canada, and the US
Whitewater project for which the Clintons were investigated
Impeachment accusation of wrongdoing
Kosovo province of Yugoslavia
Binary code enables electronic storage of data
Created by: kamryn__13