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Ancient Rome 2


Who was Virgil and what did he do? Most distinguished poet of the Augustan Age and wrote Aeneas, an epic poem meant to equal Homer, the son Anchises of Troy, survives destruction of Troy and settles in Latium- the ideal Roman (has all 4 virtues)
Who was Horace? An Augustan poet (Virgil's friend), a sophisticated writer who wrote about "follies and vices of his age"
Who was Ovid? An Augustan poet, part of a youthful privileged group, enjoyed mocking the Old Roman values, wrote a series called Amore, and the Art of Love
Who was Livy? A historian wrote the most famous Latin prose of the golden age called "History of Rome", only 35 of 142 books survived
Who was Seneca? A writer who became strongly attached to the philosophy Stoicism
Who was Tacitus? The greatest historian of the silver age, works "Annals" and "Histories"- a narrative account of Roman history from reign of Tiberius through the assassination of the emperor Domitian. Disgusted with the abuse of power Germania- about the early Germans
Who was Septimus Severus? Born in North Africa and spoke Latin with an accent, used his legions to seize power
What happened to Valerian? He was captured by the Persians and died in captivity (symbol of Rome's crisis)
Who was Aurelian? Roman emperor that reconquered Gaul, but no Danubian, province of Dacia
Who was Postumus? Roman emperor who seized control of Gaul and then got support from Britian and France, defended his "Gallic empire" but was killed by his soldiers
Who was Zenobia? The wife of the ruler of Syria and in Asia Minor, control over Egypt increased and in Asia, emperor Aurelian defeats in Syria
Who was Diocletian? He worked his way up to be a military leader (his praetor or prefect murdered Numerian butbthen Diocletian executed him, divided the empire into four parts
Who was Constantine? An emperor who expanded the autocratic policies of Diocletian
Who was Theodosius? "the Great"-emperor who made Christianity the official religiom of the Roman Empire
Who was Arius and what was his religion? A priest in Alexandria in Egypt, who believed Jesus was just human, his religion was Arianism
Who was Alaric? King of Visigoths, Germanic tribe that got pressured by the Huns, went to Germany as Roman allies, crushed at Adrianople, moved into Spain and southern Gaul as Roan allies
Who was Justinian? Emperor of a Germanic kingdom had the Byzantine armies reconquer Italy, started to destroy Rome but lasted a short period of time
Who was Gregory I? Known as "Gregory the Great"- increased important role in civilizing the Germans, made Rome an administrative unit known as the Papal States, had others places convert to Christianity (England, Gaul)
Who was Peter? He was believed who was given the keys from Jesus to heaven, the first pope
What is the literal definition of a monk? "someone who lives alone"
Who was Saint Anthony? A prosperous Egyptian peasant who decided to follow Jesus in junction in the Gospel of Mark, gave away 300 acres of land to the poor and went into the desert to purse his ideal of holiness
Who was Saint Simeon? The Stylite lived for three decades atop of pillar more than 60ft high
What did Saint Benedict of Nursia do? He founded a monastic and wrote a set of rules, established the fundamental form of a monastic life in the western Christian church
Who was Caesarius of Arles? He produced the first rule for for western women, espically for his sister
Who was Saint Columbia? he left Ireland as "pilgrim for Christ" and founded an influential monastic community off the coast of Scotland on the island of Iona
Who was Augustine? A monk from Rome, Pope Gregory the Great's most important agent into converting England to Christianity, he converted King Elthelbert, a bishop who became one of the Latin Fathers of the Catholic Church mother: Christian teacher of rhetoric of Milian
Who was Saint Hilda? He founded the monastery of Whitby
Who were the princeps senators? Leading figure of the senate, had 600 members, made legislation
What was tribunician? Takes all the power for himself
What is a imperator emperor? One who controls the military
What law did Augustus pass? A law that forces people to get married and have children
How does Augustus bring peace the people? He gives bread and circuses- gives away free grain to feed 200,000 freeborn citizens
Tell about the conflict for the next heir after Augustus Augustus does not like Tiberius, son of Livia from a previous marriage serious, somber, shy age 55. Augustus prefers Drusus- friendly, sociable, wants him for heir but dies. Then he wants Germanicus but he dies too, choice less and picks Tiberius
How did Tiberius rule? Tried to rule with senate-10 years, lives in a place called Capri
Who's Sejanus? A head of the Potrian Guard who arrested and excuted Tiberius?
Who's Caligula? Sejanus's nephew that led to madness: believed a god- made a horse a senate-had relations with his sister- ate his baby- eventually gets assassinated
Who's Claudius? Caligula's uncle. Emperor that threatens nobody. Quite intelligent but acts like an idiot. Part of Julia-Caudians, adds Thrace and Britian to the Roman Empire, many wives but they divorced him
Which wives of Claudius wants to take over? 1. Messania but gets murdered by Claudius's niece. 2. Agripoina (sister of Caligula) power mother of Nero, mother of Nero who kills her and Brittanicus, natural who could be hier
Who was Constatinus (II)? Emperor who gets rid of the other brothers and family members. He doesn't kill Julian, the Apostle,his child cousin, then becomes sole emperor, wants to bring pagan religion, invades Persia but died
Which battle has the cut of Rome? The Battle at Mivilian
What does Maxentius do? Emperor who leaves Rome to conqueror more land but loses and dies
Who's after Constatinus? (II) Javian
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