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Federal Judiciary Act est judicial review
foreign policy how to deal w/ foreign countries
Alexander Hamilton secretary of war-Wasington
political party group of people w/ same pol view
tariff tax of exports imports
cabinet advisers to pres
George Washington first pres
John Adams second pres
Thomas Jefferson third pres
Marbury v. Madison est jud review
Louisiana Purchase double size of us
unconstitutional againt constitution
Francis Scott Key wrote national antem
James Madison fourth pres
Judiciary Act of 1801 gave sup ct more power
Sacagawea translator for l&c
impressment imprisonment
Judicial review checking of laws
Meriwether Lewis leader of expedition
William Clark leader of expedition
Industrial Revolution increased manu
American System american way of economy
cotton gin increased cotton prod
Monroe Doctrine forbid europe from colonization
factory system low wages and child labor
sectionalism more concern for section than whole
Samuel Morse invented telegraph
James Monroe pres-Monroe doctrine
interchangeable parts quickened prod
Missouri Compromise compromise on slavery
nationalism patriotism
Robert Fulton invented steamboat
Henry Clay great compromiser
Eli Whitney invented cotton gin
Jacksonian Democracy power to the people
Tariff of Abominations south hated it
Panic of 1837 depression
John C. Calhoun vice pres of Jackson
spoils system pres gave power to friends
Andrew Jackson seventh pres
Indian Removal Act removed indians
Doctrine of nullification states could nullify laws
Trail of Tears cherokee moved to oklahoma
secession states broke away
depression economic crisis
land speculator took land and sold it
Manifest destiny us to west coast
California Gold Rush gold found in ca
Brigham Young wrote a book
Push-pull factors immigration to us
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended mex war
Santa Fe Trail traders went to santa fe
famine not enough food
emigrant left country
Oregon Trail settlers to oregon
Mexican cession large tract of land
immigrant moved to us
James Polk pres annexed tx
prejudice discrimination
underground railroad slaves went north
labor union helped workers
Sojourner Truth spoke for abolition
Horace Mann wrote book
transcendentalism movement
strike labor disagreement
Seneca Falls Convention started womens rights
Harriet Tubman spoke for abolition
Dorothea Dix prison reform
temperance movement against beer alcohol
abolition against slavery
suffrage voting rights
Frederick Douglass abolition
Elizabeth Cady Stanton womens rights
Wilmot Proviso no mo;re slave states
Dred Scott v. Sanford sup ct case
Fugitive Slave Act north must catch slaves
Stephen Douglas ran against lincoln
Abraham Lincoln sixteenth pres
Compromise of 1850 henry clay-admitted ca as free state
popular sovereignty power to people
Harpers Ferry tried to inspire slaves to fight
Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote uncle tom
Jefferson Davis pres of conf
Uncle Tom's Cabin sparked war
Confederate States of America seceded from union
Kansas-Nebraska Act admitted states
John Brown extremist
Ft. Sumter first battle civil war
1st Bull Run second battle civil war
Battle of Antietam bloodiest battle
Battle of Gettysburg turning pt
Appomattox Court House surrender
blockade blocked goods shipping
cavalry horse soldiers
Emancipation Proclamation freed slaves
Robert E. Lee general south
Gettysburg Address famous speech
Robert E. Lee gen souith
William T. Sherman gen north
54th Massachusetts Regiment black union soldier regiment
John Wilkes Booth killed lincoln
Siege of Vicksburg completed anaconda plan
Ulysses S. Grant gen north
13th Amendment freed slaves
14th Amendment black citizens
15th Amendment suffrage for blacks
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