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wilson hall

social studies chapter

who was known as the father of the bill of rights james madison
how many ammendments were presented 200
madison narrowed the ammendments down to 12
how many were approved by the house 10
what were the freedoms of the first ammendment religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition
t or f...most nations had a state religion supported by government at the time of constitution true
t or f...can say most anything as long as it is the truth true
t or f...can say anything that will harm the public false
slander to tell lies about others
press cant print most anything as long as its true
assembly to gather and discuss anything as long as its legal
petition present a formal request to gov officails, express disatisfication with existing laws, and suggest new laws
what is the 2nd ammendment about the right to bear arms
what did the national guard replace militia
t or f... gun control laws do not violate the 2nd ammendment true
waht is the 3rd ammendment about civilians not having to house soldiers
what is the 4th ammendment prevents unreasonable search and seizure
what issued by a judge that allows law enforcement to enter property without permission search warrant
t or f...a search warrant is not needed if a concealed weapon may detroy evidence true
what is the 5th amendment no one can be punished without due process.grand jury makes sure theres enough evidence to endict the accused. cant testify against themselves
what is double jeopardy a person can't be tried for the same crime twice
can property be deprived without due process no
what is eminent domain the right to take property to futher public interest
what is an ex. of eminent domain paying fair market value for private property to be used for public road
what is a 5th amendment exception to siez property obtained illegally
the 6th states that someone indcitaed of a crime must have prompt/public trial,know the crime, have an attoney/can refuse any or all
the 7th amendment allows juries to decide civil cases invollving money or property with no physical harm occured
the 8th amendment establishes method of people getting out of jail until trial is over,bail,prvents cruel and unusal punishment
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