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Early Canada History

Discovering the people behind the scenes of Europe's migration to Canada

Who am I?Person
Samuel de Champlain Called "Father of New France", French, cartographer, helped with Port Royal, set up Order of Good Cheer, allied with the Huron, against the Iroquois and the English, sent out the courir de bois, appointed by the King, made the fur trade profitable.
Vikings Earliest explorers, from Scandinavian countries
John Cabot Given permission from King Henry VII to take over non-Christian lands, found Newfoundland, sent by the English, found the fish off the Newfoundland coast
Jacques Cartier Went on 3 main expeditions, had a strained relationship with the Iroquois, searching for the NorthWest passage, discovered New Brunswick and PEI, found fake diamonds
Acadians 1st French Canadians
Coureurs du bois Worked for Champlain, helped with the fur trade, went inland to find more resources (like animals) and to help expand New France's territory, married Native women, young men, did a lot for New France
Company of 100 associates Helped Champlain rebuild the colony, group of powerful investors, help colonize and govern new France, wanted to bring in settlers (but didn't) and help monopolies
Cardinal Richelieu Main part of the Company of 100 Associates
Algonkians/Montagnais Turned on the French and allied with the English because of Champlain's alliance with the Huron
Huron Allied with the French to help the fur trade, attacked by Iroquois (which lead to the fall of Huronia), farmers and traders,
Iroquois Allied with the English, traded with the dutch, attacked the Huron, wanted power of the Fur Trade
Jesuits Known as the Black Robes to the Natives, catholic missionary priests, wanted to convert First Nations peoples, established schools and hospitals, settled in Huronia, planted crops and imported livestock, political influence, blamed for fall of Huronia
Ursuline Nuns Named after Saint Ursula, came to New France to spread Roman Catholic faith, founded a convent and school for girls, nursed the sick and wounded, established a catholic settlement
Pierre-Esprit Radisson and Chouart des Groseilliers Formed the Hudson's Bay Company, were French, interested in gaining wealth from the Fur Trade, presented their ideas to the English
Louis XIV The King of France at the time of these discoveries, declared New France a royal colony, appointed people to help look after the colonies
Jean-Baptist Colbert Minister of FRANCE'S finance and Navy, chief official of New France, wanted New France to be powerful, rich, self sufficient; saw the importance of colonies in mercantilism, created triangle of trade, fought against Iroquios, never been to New France befo
Les Filles Du Roi "Girls of the King", brought in to help with the settlement in New France, young single women, program started with Louis XIV and Colbert
Fran├žois de Laval Bishop of New France, Jesuit Priest, Soverign Council member, fought against alcohol in trade, Laval University, actively converted Native peoples
Comte de Frontenac Figurehead of the King, nobility, ordered coureur de bois to expand fur search, wanted alliance with Iroquios, attacked English settlements, responsible for military, native relations and other officials
Jean Talon Intendant/Cheif administrator of New France, had to govern the local people, wanted to expand New France, helped with filles du roi, wanted basic industries, wanted to help France, established lumber mills and tanneries
Created by: lovesick101
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