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American History

Concept that exhibited 18th century Native Americans did not intend to isolate Middle ground
Ecological transformation Columbian exchange
Revenue Act of 1764 Sugar Act
Originator of Georgia colony James Oglethorpe
Power not delegated to the United States are reserved to the state or people Tenth Amendment
Shift to the basic crops Agricultural revolution
Original document that severely limited central power of the United States Articles of Confederation
Early New England leads were expected to be part of a Congregational church
Member of Washington's cabinet who had pessimistic view of human nature Alexander Hamilton
Puritan leader who became governor of Massachusetts bay colony John Winthrop
A 50 acre lot in Virginia for little amount of money Headright
Proposed the New Jersey plan to Constitutional convention William Patterson
Formed the committee of Correspondence Samuel Adams
French sailor looking for Northwest passage to China Jacques Cartier
Happened as result of Federal Tax on Whiskey Whiskey Rebellion
Conflict that inspired American colonists to expand influence westward King George's Wars
18th century African American slaves from South Carolina created a _________ language by mixing English and African words Blended
Contributed heavily to decline of French and American relations XYZ Affair
Scrooby Separatists sailed for America on the Mayflower
President who warned against political factions and alliances with countries of no interest George Washington
Led anti-catholic sentiment via formation of the Protestant Association John Coode
Most capable general on Washington's Staff Nathanael Greene
Practical scientific experimentation was part of the American Enlightenment
Realized tobacco was a valuable export corp John Rolfe
Political authority is vested in the citizens of the nation Republicanism
Spawned American colonists preference of British goods Navigation Acts
Defeated German mercenaries at Bennington Horatio Gates
Spanish system that benefitted Conquistadores Encomienda
Protestant revivals Great Awakening
Intolerable Acts Coercive Acts
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