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Social Studies

Imaginary lines that connect the North and the South pole? Lines of longitude
If you lived at the equator what type of climate would you have? tropical
What is the largest Great Lake? Lake Superior
What continent is the Aral Sea? Asia
Lake Chad is located on which Continent? Africa
What is the second largest river in the world which is located in South America? Amazon
What is the largest country in South America? Brazil
Name an accomplishment of the Maya? an accurate calendar
The Inca ruins are located in which country? Peru
The achievements of the ancient Greeks and Romans inspired artists and writers during which time? Renaissance
Who led the English against the Spanish Armada? Sir Francis Drake
Where did Christopher Columbus think he landed in the New World? the Indies
Why did Galileo have a problem with the Church authorities? He thought the Earth moved around the sun.
Which event led to the British Bill of Rights? the Glorious Revolution
What event was sparked by the printing press? the Reformation
Two important Renaissance inventions. printing press and the telescope
The Dutch supply settlement in South Africa? Cape Town
Why were the English proud of the Glorious Revolution? made Parliament supreme over king
What does the term Middle Passage refer to? African slaves across the Atlantic
A group of islands by one another archipelago
A group of islands in the north Pacific. Japan
A river that goes from Moscow to the Caspian Sea. Volga River
Which country became the center of the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Byzantine culture? Russia
Remember the Alamo was the battle cry of who? Texans wanting their independence
What was important result of the Lewis and Clark expedition? encouraged more settlement of the west
Who had the nickname of Old Rough and Ready? General Zachary Taylor
The Manifest Destiny means what? land for America from sea to shining sea.
Families left for the west from where the Missouri and the Mississippi River met. Name the city there now. Saint Louis
What was Buffalo Bill famous for? Started a wilk west show
If it is 9 o'clock in Las Vegas and 11 o'clock in Chicago which direction would you travel to reach Chicago? east
What marking on a map is at about 67 degrees south? Antarctic Circle
What was a good result of the Homestead act of 1862? Americans and immigrants started farms in the west
How did Stonewall Jackson get his name? his troops stood their ground at the First Battle of Bull Run
What was the main issue of the Lincoln-Douglas debates? slavery
The process for bringing back the southern states was? Reconstruction
What did the Emancipation Proclamation say? all slaves in the Confederate states were free
What does the saying "A house divided against itself cannot stand"? The U.S. cannot be half slave and half free
Which state is closest to the Caribbean Sea? Florida
The Mason-Dixon line separated which states? free and slave staes
Even though Lincoln said, "with malice toward none, what happened between the North and the South? went through a bitter "Reconstruction".
Who was the president of the South? Jefferson Davis
Put these events in the order in which they happened.Gettysburg, Fort Sumter and Appomattox Fort Sumter, Appomattox, Gettysburg,
The Gettysburg Address stated what beliefs? the ideals for which the north was fighting
Name a state in the New England region New Hampshire
Name the capital of Texas. Austin
The Great plains is located where? Near the Mississippi River
What are reservations? areas set aside for Native Americans
What was the biggest threat to the Native Americans during the 1800's? disappearance of the buffalo
In which region did the natives fish for salmon, trade and hunt seals, and sea lions? Pacific Northwest
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