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Stivers FR 1 Sem. 2

Stivers FR 1 Semester 2 verbs/verb forms

avoir to have
j'ai I have
tu as you have
il a he has
nous avons we have
vous avez you (all) have
elles ont they have
être to be
je suis I am
tu es you are
elle est she is
nous sommes we are
vous êtes you (all) are
ils sont they are
faire to do, to make
je fais I do, I make/I am doing
tu fais you do, you make/you are doing
il fait he does, he makes/he is doing
nous faisons we do, we make/we are doing
vous faites you (all) do,you (all) make/you (all) are doing
elles font they do, they make/ they are doing
vouloir to want
je veux I want
tu veux you want
pouvoir can, to be able to
je peux I can, I am able to
tu peux you can, you are able to
prendre to take, to have (food/drink)
je prends I am having, I am taking
tu prends you are having,you take
il prend he is having, he takes
nous prenons we are having, we take
vous prenez you all are having, you all are taking
elles prennent they are having, they take
aller to go
je vais I go, I am going
tu vas you go, you are going
elle va she goes, she is going
nous allons we go, we are going
vous allez you (all) go, you (all) are going
ils vont they go, they are going
étudier to study
j'étudie I study, I am studying
tu étudies you study, you are studying
il étudie he studies, he is studying
nous étudions we study, we are studying
vous étudiez you (all) study,you (all) are studying,
nous nageons we swim, we are swimming
nous mangeons we eat, we are eating
aimer to like
détester to hate
danser to dance
dormir to sleep
écouter to listen to
faire de l'équitation to go horseback riding
faire les magasins to go shopping
faire du sport to play sports
lire to read
nager to swim
parler au téléphone to talk on the phone
parler to speak, to talk
regarder la télé to watch tv
sortir avec les copains to go out with friends
voyager to travel
manger to eat
chanter to sing
jouer au tennis to play tennis
jouer au basket to play basketball
jouer au foot to play soccer
jouer aux jeux vidéo to play video games
trouver to find/to think of
regretter to be sorry
se trouver to be located
faire du jogging to jog
faire de la natation to swim
faire de l'aérobic to do aerobics
faire de l'athlétisme to do track
faire du patin à glace to ice skate
faire de la photo to do photographie
faire des photos to take pictures
faire du ski to ski
faire du ski nautique to water ski
faire du théâtre to do drama
faire du vélo to bike
faire un match de to play a game of
faire une promenande to take a walk
faire un voyage to take a trip
faire attention to pay attention
faire un pique-nique to have a picnic
faire mes devoirs to do my homework
avoir soif to be thirsty
avoir faim to be hungry
boire to drink
donner to give
apporter to bring (something)
choisir to choose
je choisis I choose, I am choosing
tu choisis you choose, you are choosing
elle choisit she chooses, she is choosing
nous choisissons we choose, we are choosing
vous choisissez you (all) choose, you (all) are choosing
finir to finish
aller à une boum to go to a party
faire les vitrines to window shop
manger quelque chose to eat something
regarder un match de to watch a game of
voir un film to see a film
voir une pièce to see a play
voir to see
ils étudient they study, they are studying
ils choisissent they choose, they are choosing
Created by: MmeCollins0123