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RC-SCH Test 5

pitch and tar made from pine trees and used to make ships water tight Naval Stores
first advisory group in Carolina Grand Counsil
mud used to make wall of a house daub
woven branches, vines, and twigs used in building wals of a house wattle
man in charge of area or territory landgrave
leader of group or tribe Casique
titled settlers w/ social status Colonial Nobility
rules by which Carolina was ruled Fundimental Constitustion
maker of wooden barrels and tubs Cooper
ditch w/ water dug for deffense purposes Mote
perimeter wall built w/ logs w/ top ends sharpened palisaid
hardwood strips of wood used on barrel making barrelstave
Who Established the colony NewNetherlands? What was name of Capitol/settlement? Dutch; Amsterdam; Newamsterdam
Who sailed south of NewNetherlands? Sweeded
Who attacked Sweeden ? Who won? Dutch
Who gave Duke of York land? King Charles II
Duke of York sends people to look at his land for him and who is on it ? Dutch
What was the Colony named that Duke of York created ? Settlement? New York; New York
Who gave his land away south of Hudson R.? Who did he give it to ? Duke of York; Lp's
Charles II gives land West of Delaware river to who ? Quaker; William Penn
William Penn named his land what? What did he name town? What did this mean? Penn's Woods; Philidelphia; City of Brotherly Love
Which LP has interest in Carolina? LAC
LAC becomes member of What? Also is leader of who? Privy Counsil; LPs
Who came up w/ the Fundimental Constitution? LAC
Each LP gav how many pounds the first year ? The second? 500/200
LAC knew what was key to attract settler? Land
Each settler got how many acres of land?(one person) 100-150
How many acres did u receive if u were Colonail titled? Thousands
Who was at top of list in Colonial titles? LPs
Who was second in list of colonial titles? land grave
Who was second in colonail titles? cacuque
Who was last in Colonail titles? Settleers.
Was there restriced religion practices? no
List the government order. LP; Governers; Grand Council
How many men were in the grand counsil? 10
LAC wanted who to make desisions whether to propose or oppose laws? Colonail Parlament
LAC thoght Carolina was too big so made 2 counties named what? Albermarle-NCCraven-SC
LAC takes $ contributed by LPs and buys what? 3 ships
What are the 3 ships LAC buys called? Carolina; Albermarle; Port Royal
Who was captain of three ships? Cap. Joseph West
When 3 ships went to Ireland how many setlers were picked up? none
Who was going to be governor of Carolina? Yeamens
Which ship sank 1st? Albermarle
What was replacement ship for Albermarle? 3 Brothers
In Barbudus they picked up how many pepl? 50
What ship do they loose in Bermuta? Port Royal
What important person do they pick up in Bermuta? Henery Woodward
Why do they want Woodward? They want him bc he is friends w/ indians/
Yeamen whimps out and appoints who as governor? Sayle
The 2 ships separte going to Carolinaand where t=do the 2 land? Carlonia- Bulls Bay3 Brothers- Virginia
Carolina goes where after Bulls Bay? Port Royal
On what river is the settlement on? Ashley R.
What do they name the creek off of Ashley River? Town Creek
The settlement/town name is what? (off of ashley r.) Albermarle; Charlestown
After the settlement is secured who arrives? 3 Brothers
Who attackes Charlestown? Who wins? Bc of what? Spanish; British; BC the Carolina snuck up and bombed the ancord ships
More settlers come from where ? Barbadoes and NewYork
Created by: Robert Coker