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Chapter 7 China

Yellow river Haung He, its 2,900 miles gets name from its rich yellow soil, and known as china's sorrow because it flooded.
Mountains Mountains and deserts covered most of the land
Farming Only on tenth of land can be farmed. They used the rivers for its rich soil and mountains covered the land.
Dynasty A line of rulers who belong to the same family.
Aristocrats Nobles whose wealth came from the land that they owned. Passed land on to the new generation.
Anyang One of the first Chinese cities that the Shang built.
Chinese Writting Wrote/read from top to bottom, began by scratches on oracle bones.
Pictographs Characters that stand for objects.
Ideographs Join 2 or more pictographs to make an idea.
Shang Artists Farmers produced silk, weavers made silk into clothes, artisans made vases and dishes out of white clay, carved statues from jade, and the Shang was best known for their work of bronze.
Zhou dynasty Shang kings lived in luxury and were cruel, Wu wang rebelled against them and began the Zhou dynasty.
Bureaucracy Made of of appointed officials who are responsible for different areas of government.
Mandate of Heaven A formal order that gave Zhou kings the power to rule.
Dao The proper way to rule. The king had to keep the gods happy you could tell when they had a bad harvest or a natural disaster happened.
Inventions They invented irrigation and food controls, iron plows helped farming so they could plow and produce more crops.
Social classes Includes people who share similar position in society. Three main ones: Land owning aristocrats, peasant farmers, and merchants.
Filial piety Children had to respect their parents and older relatives.
Censors Appointed government officials that made sure government officials they did their jobs.
Confucius Ancient china's first great thinker and teacher. Wanted to end problems in society. Confucianism stated that all men with a talent for governing should take part in government.
Daoism Based on the teachings of Laozi. This tells people how to behave.
Laozi The old master lived that around the same time as Confucius and we don't know if he was a real person.
Legalism Taught that all humans were naturally evil. Taught by Hanfeizi.
Hanfeizi A scholar that developed the teachings of legalism.
Qin Shihuangdi Name means "First qin emperor." based his ideas of of legalism and anyone who opposed him were killed.
Guangzhou Central city of China.
Great Wall of china Qin Shihuangdi forced farmers to leave their lands and connect their walls to keep out the xiongnu.
Liu Bang A formal peasant that found the Han dynasty
Han Wundi Wanted talented people to fill government posts. Han dynasty reached its peak under him.
Civil service People who took long tests and got a high score. The system was supposed to help anyone with the skill for a job.
Inventions Water wheels make more grain, iron drill to mine salt, paper and acupuncture.
Acupuncture A treatment to ease patient's pain by sticking needles in the skin.
Silk Road A trade route that was 4,000 miles and merchants used it.
Chang Jiang Yangtze river its 3,400 miles and has rich soil for farming.
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