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US History

Quarter 4 Final Exam

The scandal that drove Nixon from the Presidency became known as: Watergate
All of the following were causes of the oil crisis of the 1970's EXCEPT: strike staged by U.S. oil workers
The members of O.P.E.C. are all: oil producing companies
Which person was never elected Vice President by the American Public? John Kennedy
The 26th Amendment to the Constitution lowered the Voting Age to: 18
The Love Canal incident involved: a land developer building a housing addition on top of an old toxic-waste dump.
The cornerstone of Carter's Foreign Policy was: human rights
Americans began to question nuclear power usage after the nuclear accident at: Three Mile Island
Jimmy Carter won the 1978 election by presenting himself as: a Washington outsider
The Reagan legacy included ALL of the following EXCEPT: the end of social welfare programs
President Carter assumed the role of peacemaker to negotiate which of the folowing between Israel and Egypt? Camp David Accords
What was the 1954 Supreme Court Decision which desegregated schools by declaaring that the "seperate but equal" doctrine was unconstitutional? Brown v. Board of Education
When Ronald Reagan ran for President in 1984, his opponent was Walter Mondale
A member of the new Right who objected to affirmative action was most likely to criticize it for resulting in discrimination against white men
In his foreign policy, President Clinton emphasized increasing trade with China
The direct result of glasnost policy might be Freedom of the Press
__________was the goal of the program known as Star Wars National defense
Woodward and Bernstein were the two Washington Post reporters who: broke the Watergate scandal
What is the term for charging the President with wrong-doing? impeachment
Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger supported the idea of detente, it called for: easing tensions between the U.S. and the Soviets and Chinese
Which was a highlight of the March on Washington? Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech
What was the militant group of blacks who were known for their berets and gun-toting, and for folliwng the saying of "political power comes through the barrel of a gun"? Black Panthers
The Voting Rights Act of 1965 provided for the: end of literacy tests in voter registration
The goal of the ___was to expose discrimination by overloading jails- "jail not bail"? SNCC
Who was the young black boy from Chicago who was beat to death for saying "Bye, baby" to a young white woman in Money, Mississippi? Emmett Till
Who said the following? "In Alabama, I say, segregation now! Segregation tomorrow! Segregation forever!" George Wallace
Black lawyer who defended Linda Brown and became a hero when he won the case; he also was the first black appointed to the Supreme Court. Thurgood Marshall
Who said the following? "...the state of Alabama will be transformed into a situation where black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with white boys and white girls and walk together as sisters and brothers." Martin Luther King, Jr.
Who was the former secretary of the NAACP who refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery bus launching a new era in civil rights in the South. Rosa Parks
Black Muslim leader who early called for a separate black nation and the need for self-defense. Malcom X
What distinction did Sandra Day O'Connor achieve in 1981? She became the first woman justice of the U.S. Supreme Court
When George H. Bush ran for president in 1988, his opponent was Michael Dukakis
City where President Eisenhower had to call U.S. paratroopers so as to guarantee nine black students had the ability to attend Central High School. Little Rock, AR
During the summer of 1965, riots broke out in this section of Los Angeles and the motto becamse "Burn Baby Burn." Watts
The Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) was an extremely costly Space Missle defense system
Fundamental Christian leader and televangelist Jerry Falwell formed the organization called The Moral Majority
The piece of legislation that forbade segregation in public places; such as hotels, restaurants, theaters, and lunch counters Civil Rights Act of 1964
Participants in the 1963 March on Washington hoped to: convince Congress to pass civil rights legislation
In 1987, Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev announced his plans for ____, or a restructuring of the Soviet economy and government. perestroika
Martin Luther King, Jr., influenced by Gandhi, believed in: nonviolent protest
The group in charge of stopping any and all leaks coming from the white House during the Nixon administration was called the Plumbers
Whom did Nixon include in the silent majority? quiet, respectful Americans
The Persian Gulf War began when Saddam Hussein: invaded Kuwait
During the campaign for President in 1988, George Bush promised that he would: not raise taxes
One major factor contributing to Ronald Reagan's defeat of President Carter in 1980 was: the hostage crisis in Iran
How did the Soviet policies of perestroika and glasnost help bring an end to the Cold War? They helped cause the fall of communist regimes in Eastern Europe.
Who are the only two (2) Presidents to be impeached? Richard Nixon/Bill Clinton
The Iran Contra Affair funneled money to the Contras in what country? Nicaragua
Spiro Agnew's Vice Presidency came to an end when: He resigned under fire for taking bribes and tax invasion
Although this nation's government received foreign aid from the Carter Administration, the Reagan Administration aided those rebelling against it. Nicaragua
In the early 1990's, this nation dissolved after 74 years as a major world power: Soviet Union
This nation's leaders ordered a brutal crackdown on demonstrators gathered in Tiananmne Square. China
This nation invaded a neighboring country and claimed major oil fields, provoking the United States to engage in a war. Iraq
The Reagan Administration secretly sold weapons to this nation in the hope of obtaining the relase of U.S. hostages. Iran
The impeachment of President Clinton, in part, reflected partisan politics in Congress
The source of a revolution in technology in the 1990s was the internet
In the past, the Social Security System worked well for all of the following reasons except life expectancy was increasing
One conclusion that could be drawn from the 2000 presidential election is that a relatively small number of votes can determine an election's outcome
New high-tech businesses based on the growth of the Internet are called dotcoms
One hoped-for benefit of genetic engineering is the ability to end the AIDS epidemic
Created by: PLHShistory