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Social Studies

Native Americans

Why did the Great Basin receive that name? The area is surrounded by mountains.
What type of life did the Paiutes of the Great Basin live? Wanders moving from place to place
What is the main food of the Indians of the Great Basin? pine nuts
Why was life easier on the plateau region? water, plants and animals were plentier
What did the Nez Perce do in the spring together? fish for salmon
In the Indian legends which animal is called the trickster? coyote
What type of land is there in the Plains? grasslands
What animal changed the way the Plains Indians lived? horse
How did the plains Indians use the bison? clothes, shoes,bones for knives,shovels,hair for pillows and rope
What is the weather like in the Pacific Northwest? extremely wet
What is the effect of the weather in the Pacific Northwest? a lot of plants and animals
Give the meaning for a potlach. a ceremonial gathering
How did the Indians of the Pacific Northwest pass their legends on? totem poles
What was the trouble in making treaties with the Indians? No central Indian government
What was the plan for the Indians and their lands in the 1800's. move them to reservations
Explain the Trail of Tears forced marched of the Cherokees
Name a European disease that killed many Indians? smallpox
What land did President Jefferson buy from Napoleon after the Revolutionary War? Louisiana
Explain the Sand Creek Massacre. Army officers killed a group of Cheyenne and Arapaho
Explain the Battle of Little Bighorn. Custer and all his soldiers were killed
Who said "I will fight no more forever."? Chief Joseph
The Indian Wars ended with which battle. Wounded Knee
Created by: MSummers12