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WKMS Colonial SC

From which Caribbean island did many of the first settlers migrate? Barbados
Though the Fundamental Constitution of Carolina promised religious freedom, which religious group were not welcome in Carolina? Catholics
How did the Lords Proprietors plan to make money in the Carolina colony? Because they would make money from the colonists by collecting quitrent on the land the colonists were given.
What type of colony was Carolina when it was ruled by a group of proprietors who were given the land in a charter by King Charles II? ? Proprietary colony
Headright Method a method of land distribution in which every male colonist was given free land based on the number of persons, including servants, he had in his family
Which city in the Carolina colony became an important seaport and made shipping goods to market easy? Charles Town
What characteristics of the Carolina colony classify it as a Southern Colony? Like other southern colonies, Carolina's economy was based on plantation farming where slaves provided they labor.
What items did the colonists get from Native Americans that was important to the colonial economy? Furs and deerskins
What natural resources helped the Carolina colony develop prosperous plantations and trade? fertile land and many waterways
What did the Lords Proprietors promise settlers in the Fundamental Constitution of Carolina to attract a diverse group of settlers to the colony? They promised settlers religious freedom and a title of nobility.
Naval stores were an important economic product. What were they and for what were they used? tar, rosin, pitch and turpentine used to waterproof ships
Why was the Carolina coast perfect for growing rice? Rice has to be kept wet and Carolina has tidal rivers which were used to keep the rice fields flooded.
Who knew how to grow and harvest rice in the colony of Carolina? West Arfrican slaves
Who held the power in the proprietary colony of Carolina? wealthy male property owners
Subsidy an extra payment offered to encourage farmers to grow a certain crop
Who was the first person to help SC gain economic prosperity by successfully growing and processing indigo? Eliza Lucas Pinckney
How did Carolina most contribute to England's wealth? through the success of rice and indigo as cash crops
Why was rice nicknamed "Carolina Gold"? It made the colony of Carolina successful and wealthy.
For what was indigo used? a blue dye for cloth
Why did the population of the colony of Carolina come from such diverse backgrounds? 1)African slaves came as forced immigrants,2)French Huguenots came seeking religious freedom,3)Swiss and German settlers came looking for free land,4)English settlers came from the colony of Barbados
How did rice planters use the tidal rivers to cultivate rice? Use your "Review of Rice Cultivation in South Carolina" in preparation for writing a paragraph explaining how tidal rivers were used to cultivate rice.
Created by: egoodwin