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Chapter 25-26

Section 1

Nation brought into an existing free-trade zone by NAFTA Mexico
Presidents Reagan and Bush were most successful in meeting their goal of Making the supreme court more conservative
During Reagan's presidency, federal spending increased most for Defense and the military
When George H.W. Bush ran for president in 1988, his opponent was Michael Dukakis
The Strategic Defense Initiative was an extremely costly Missile defense system
Head of President Clinton's task force on universal health care Hillary Rodham Clinton
Fundamentalist Christian leader and televangelist Jerry Falwell formed the organization called The Moral Majority
In an attempt to fill the Supreme Court with conservatives, Ronald Reagan nominated this first woman ever nominated to the Supreme Court Sandra Day O'Connor
During the 1980's, conservatives objected to what they believed were excesses in Government Regulation
People who support pay equity argue that women should be paid the same as men for doing the same job
Creator of the Contract with America Newt Gingrich
The Third-party candidate in 1992 presidential election Ross Perot
In the 1980's, reports on education revealed that U.S. Schools were Performing worse than those of most other other industrialized nations
President Reagan made a point of appointing administrators to the Environmental Protection Agency who were Sympathetic to business interests
The aging of America's population will strain the government's ability to Pay Social Security benefits
In election 2000, Al Gore first conceded defeat based on predictions made by Television networks
All of the following are true statements about illegal immigrants today EXCEPT: 1) Many were helped by Proposition 187 in California 2)Many come from Mexico and other Central America Countries 3) Many are willing to take the lowest paying jobs Many were helped by Proposition 187 in California
Bill Clinton became the second president in history to be Impeached by the House
President Clinton can best be described as a Conservative Liberal
New High-Tech businesses based on the growth of the Internet are called dotcoms
Created by: PLHShistory