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Chapter 25-26


An Entitlement Program is one that guarantees and provides benefits to particular groups of Americans True
In the 1980 presidential election, Ronald Reagan's running mate was Walter Mondale False
Conservative Coalition was an alliance of conservative intellectuals, business leaders, middle class voters, Christian groups and disenchanted Democrats. True
Reaganomics called for lower taxes to accompany a reduction in government spending on social programs True
The first woman to run on a major party's presidential ticket was Sandra Day O'Connor False
In the presidential election of 2000, Bill Clinton won by a razor-thin margin. False
By the year 2000, most jobs in the American economy were in the manufacturing sector False
Fax machines and the Internet made it easier for people to telecommute True
Medical Improvements in the 1990's included better cancer survival rates. True
Social Security and Medicare are in danger of becoming overburdened because Americans are living longer and because the baby boom generation is aging True
Created by: PLHShistory