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US His 19

Program required but not paid for by the federal government Unfunded mandate
Politicians who generally favor government intervention in the economy to address inequalities Liberals
Founded by Reverend Jerry Falwell to fulfill religious goals Moral Majority
Politicians who generally favor limited government intervention in the economy Conservatives
Resurgent conservative movement that grew rapidly during the 60's and 70's New Right
Conservative president elected in 1980 Ronald Regan
Foreign policy preferred by liberals International cooperation
Some conservatives believe that this endangers economic growth and individual choices Large central government
Group that warns about the dangers posed to society by abandoning traditional values Neoconservatives
Ronald Reagan won the pres election because he convinced many Americans he could do this Usher in a new era of prosperity
Reagan administration presided over the deregulation of these industries Airline, telecommunications, banking
Liberals are against these because they take money away from public schools Vouchers
What did Reagan do that caused a budget deficit Reduced taxes but increased defense spending
Lower taxes would encourage people to work more so that they would have more money to spend Theory of Supply Side Economics
Amount of money owed by the federal government; sky rocketed during Reagan's presidency National debt
Result of fraudulent business activity and risky lending n which many banks failed Savings and Loan crisis
Emphasized tax cuts Reaganomics
These happened in 1983 Economy turned around, working poor increased
Justice Sandra Day O'Connor consistently broke with other conservative judges on the issue Abortion
Reported declining test scores of students Nation at Risk
Proposed program in which land and space based lasers would destroy missiles aimed at US before they could reach the target SDI-Strategic Defense Initiative
Anticommunist counter revolutionaries in Nicaragua backed by US to get rid of Communist influence Contras
1985 Pres. of Soviet Union who brought about many reforms Mikhail Gorbachev
A new openness -Soviet Union Glasnost
Reforming the Soviet System Perestroika
Political scandal under Pres. Reagan involving use of money from secret arms sales to Iran to illegally support the Contras in Nicaragua Iran Contra Affair
Massive arms buildup occurred during his administration Ronald Reagan
Why did Reagan support rebellions in Afghanistan, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Grenada To protect human rights
Reduce number of nuclear weapons in the world START I treaty
Symbolized the end of Communist Europe Fall of the Berlin Wall
Leader of the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa-elected in free election Nelson Mandela
Oppressive system of rigid segregation Apartheid
Leader of Panama convicted in the United States of drug trafficking Manuel Noriega
American attack on Iraqi forces in Middle East Operation Desert Storm
Scene of pro-democracy protests in China in which hundreds of people were killed Tiananmen Square
Dictator of Iraq who ordered the invasion of Kuwait Saddam Hussein
The Bush administration tried to stop drugs from coming into the USA from this here Latin America
How did Congress pressure South Africa to change its apartheid system Imposing economic sanctions
Launched by Bush to protect human rights in Somalia Operation Restore Hope
Describes the 1991 Persian Gulf War Short, with few American casualties
Disease of the immune system that first appeared in 1981 AIDS-Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome
Preferred way conservatives help the needy Charity provided by private organizations and individuals
In the 1970's which group supported civil rights laws protecting the rights of minorities and women Liberals
Why did conservatives gain power in the 1970's Many white southerners opposed the civil rights laws of the 1960's
According to supply side economics, what did Reagan need to do? Cut taxes and cut spending on social programs
The richest Americans received the largest tax cuts Economic Recovery Act of 1981
Promise of George H. W. Bush during his election campaign of 1988 Not raise taxes
Why did Gorbachev pursue glasnost and perestroika reforms? The Soviet economy could not keep up with the arms race
What did Boris Yelstin do in August 1991 Rallied millions of Russians to support Gorbachev's reforms
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